Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Read Food Media? Reside in the US?

This question of the day is for you then...

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?Please will you help a Masters in Gastronomy Student with this quick, fun, food-centric survey that will be the basis of her final dissertation?

Hurry - the survey ends soon and the more respondents, the more useful the results will be.
Thank you!

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Read Food Media? Reside in the US?


  • At 24/1/08 08:18, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Pity it's only for the US.

  • At 24/1/08 16:57, Blogger Elizabeth said…

    That was surprisingly fun!

  • At 24/1/08 17:51, Blogger Owen said…

    That was interesting - but I did drop a bit of long comment in at the end since the survey was really pretty simplistic - I did realise that I no longer care much about US-based food publications (print). I still look at UK ones sometimes - they are a good change of speed.

  • At 24/1/08 22:49, Blogger Becks & Posh said…

    hi owen
    i think that actually surveys of this type are extremely scientific and follow a special set of rules and that Leena is looking in particular for some specific data that will help her answer highly focused questions for her thesis. That is my guess - for every amount she broadens the questions - the less reliable her data becomes. Thanks for helping her anyway - and elizabeth I am glad you enjoyed it too.

  • At 25/1/08 16:11, Anonymous EB said…

    As someone who just finished her own thesis... I loved being able to help out there!

  • At 25/1/08 16:53, Blogger Douglas Cress said…

    done. I hope you share any results that may come of it.

  • At 27/1/08 10:19, Blogger Allen of EOL said…

    Done! Food blogs are much more expressive and human -- print food pubs feel too old-school and stiff (i.e. publishing content, not expressing passion for food).

    I look forward to hearing about Leena's results.


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