Sunday, January 27, 2008

Even More Bay Area Food Media

Fifteen Delicious Reads for a Miserable, Grey Sunday

Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento, is written by 'Biggie' who I had the immense pleasure of spending an evening with just last week. Biggie lived in Japan for nine years and I can't think of a more entertaining and well suited person than her to translate the glory of Bento to the American market.

CSAbc's: Two moms, trying to feed their family sustainable food in a manner that they can maintain.

Profumo Profondo
: Half Sillicon valley, half NYC, "profumo profondo della mia carne, the perfume of her meat", a phrase from Bill Burford, referring to the scent of a sausage-maker’s kitchen in Italy is, in Rachel and Claudia's minds, resonant of the deep, nonverbal connections that we make to food, and therefore seemed to be an appropriate name for a blog about food and cooking.

: Wherein he makes a mess of the kitchen.

Chef Ann: Cooper is a renegade lunch lady. As director of nutrition services for the Berkeley Unified School District she works to transform cafeterias into culinary classrooms for students — one school lunch at a time.

OHC: Omnivore Herbivore Carnivore: Kyla is a writer and a cook. Born and raised in Canada and a PhD in literature, history and food studies from Stanford, she's written about culture and food for the San Francisco Chronicle, The Globe and Mail and many other publications. She's a former restaurant critic and food writer and part owner of two restaurants in the Caribbean.

Spice Dish: In which Erin started her blog to share her collection, her culinary experiments the (dorky) thrill she gets from all things food.

Dena's Recipes
: Dena taught herself to cook several years ago, with the help of many cookbooks, many cooking shows, patient friends, and an even more patient husband.

Blog Appetit Does San Francisco:
designed to make discovering the San Francisco Bay area more rewarding for visitors and locals alike.

Luisa Confidential: This really means nothing to me, but this blog advertises itself as "A blog to (ahem) celebrate the eccentricities and out-and-out weirdness of San Francisco's worst entrepreneur, Luisa Hanson." Maybe you know what they are talking about?

Vezeo: Ve - ze - o (veh-zee-oh) -noun
1. a passion for living well.
2. an online magazine focused on international dining and travel.
Based in beautiful San Francisco, Vezeo features articles about superior restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Vanessa Barrington: Articles, classes, and latest obsessions and interests in the world of food and sustainability. Recipes, food and restaurant finds, and random, interesting things and ideas that please her. Vanessa is currently writing a cookbook about heirloom beans, co-authored with Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo.

Feast: is by Carolyn Tillie, a modern-day Renaissance woman. She is an accomplished writer, jewelry and metal craftsman, and culinary artist. She even makes amazing jewellery from Rancho Gordo beans as well as writing a wine blog too.

In My Box
: Is one customer's weekly exploration of the CSA box from Eatwell Farms. A simple record of what came in each box and what was done with the vegetables and fruit as well as as a place to log any disappointments, errors, special surprises and as a place to refer people who are curious about the Eatwell CSA box.

The Rosy Pescetarian
: a musician/librarian who loves to own and care for herds of cats and who loves to cook for other people hopes to accumulate a list of healthy vegetarian recipes here, which may include several fish recipes. Hence, the pescetarian.

That should keep you all busy for a while... Enjoy!

PS: Today is my seven year anniversary of coming to live in America. And here I still am. Now, if only that green card would hurry up and materialise...

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?Are there any more Bay Area Food Bogs I don't know about?

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  • At 27/1/08 13:22, Blogger Pieds Des Anges (Kyla) said…

    Oh wow! Thanks for the shout-out! I remain a big fan... Kyla

  • At 27/1/08 15:55, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I haven't explored all the links you suggest but it's a novel idea to turn the Rancho Gordo beans into jewellery. The ring looks pretty good. If you were bored you could have given me a lesson on my new toy!

  • At 27/1/08 18:05, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    You are so nice.

    PS: Should I adopt you?

  • At 27/1/08 22:54, Blogger fiat lux said…

    Thanks for the link to Profumo Profondo!

  • At 28/1/08 11:09, Blogger Brad Thompson said…

    What a great list!

    Under other circumstances, this would be gratuitous self-promotion, but you've put out the call, so I'll chime in with another one..

    Food Crusader is another SF-area blog to add to the pile -

  • At 28/1/08 15:31, Blogger Biggie @ Lunch in a Box said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 28/1/08 15:32, Blogger Biggie @ Lunch in a Box said…

    It was lovely meeting you this past week, Sam. You made it a lot less scary to come out of the anonymity closet (*gulp*), so thank you!

    BTW, congratulations on your seven-year milestone. Only three more years until you hit double digits, and you know what that means! ;-)

  • At 29/1/08 12:01, Blogger Vanessa said…

    thanks for the mention! I've been a fan of yours for awhile.

  • At 29/1/08 15:13, Blogger Love_at_first_bite said…

    Hey Sam,

    I just stumbled across your blog as I was browsing around and it looks great! Although I've been poking around a bit here and there in the food blogging world I'm still a bit of an amateur on all of this. Since you so graciously offered however, i would like to plug my fairly new blog which can be found at I hope you all stop by if you are bored. I would love comments and suggestions. Thanks again Sam and I will definitely be back for more!

  • At 30/1/08 07:32, Blogger CSAbc's said…

    Wow - thanks for the surprise mention!!!

    Off to clean up the blog a bit.... (eeks!)

  • At 1/2/08 01:54, Anonymous ML said…

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my little blog, Luisa Confidential! Since you were wondering, it's actually about a self-proclaimed restaurateur here in the Bay Area (mostly in San Francisco) who, in pursuit of her dream of a restaurant empire, has bought and then closed down many well established, beloved neighborhood institutions across the city.
    And, as her flagship endeavor (Luisa's) was recently closed by the Health Department for vermin infestation, I can't say her dreams of world domination would do anything positive for the food scene here ...
    In short, I guess you could call it more a blog on food, a grudge, and incredulousness.
    Anyway, cheers! Can't wait to look at the other blogs on this list!

  • At 2/2/08 23:23, Blogger FJK said…

    Thanks for checking out the new SF-Bay Area blog, Blog Appetit Does San Francisco. I'm a bit late with my thanks since I've been in Las Vegas all week for work.

  • At 25/2/09 20:37, Anonymous Scrumptious said…

    I know this is coming about a year late, but thanks so much for the link, last year! It somehow slipped through the cracks and just emerged!

    I love your blog - it is my absolute favorite Bay Area food blog. I first found it when you were detailing your friend's Cafe Gratitude saga. What a crazy thing. Anyways, belated thanks and keep up the lovely blogging!


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