Saturday, November 17, 2007

Naked Poached Egg

Yolk abandoned by her white...
picture photograph image poached egg yolk by sam breach 2007 copyright of sam breach who left her for another pan.

picture photograph image pan reflection shot by frederic schmidt 2007 copyright of sam breach
picture photograph image maitake mushroom shot by frederic schmidt 2007 copyright of sam breach
Soul Food Farm Free Range Certified Organic Eggs via Prather Ranch Meat Co.
Toasted sesame semolina bread by Della Fattoria
Maitake Mushrooms from Far West Fungi, drizzled with Bariani Oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and roasted in a hot oven until crispy.
Bacon [mostly hidden from view] from The Fatted Calf.
Butter from England.

Where does your food come from?

2006 | Time to Tomato

© 2007 Sam Breach
Naked Poached Egg


  • At 18/11/07 01:09, Blogger Beccy said…

    Wish I was there for that meal...mmmmm.

  • At 18/11/07 07:29, Blogger Rachael said…

    Oh, my , goodness.
    Sam, that middle photo is BRILLANT.

  • At 18/11/07 09:31, Blogger Sam said…

    I wish I could take all the credit, Rachael, but as you can see it was taken by Fred and there is little I could do to pretend otherwise. I can, however, take credit for the meal, so anytime you want to visit, Beccy, I can cook the same for you!

  • At 18/11/07 11:11, Blogger brian said…

    How do you get your poached eggs to have such perfect shape? It looks like maybe you do the McGee thing of removing the thin outer white before poaching? It's beautiful. I'm poaching eggs for a dinner party tonight and am doing the Keller thing of sawing off the top of the eggshell and pouring it into a very deep pot of boiling, vinegared water. But they never look quite that perfect, still some kind of fluffy messy outer white.

  • At 18/11/07 11:20, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Brian
    I guess I didn't make it so clear - but the white completely fell off the yolk in the pan and so all I could retrieve was a little poached egg yolk (which of course looks perfect)!
    I really am not the world's eggspert on poaching eggs. Sometimes they come out great and other times not. I don't have a foolproof method.

  • At 18/11/07 12:35, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Now do I order that for one of my b'fasts!!

  • At 18/11/07 15:10, Anonymous Jennifer Jeffrey said…

    You're so clever! Love the play on words. And those mushrooms look marvelous...

  • At 18/11/07 17:10, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Fred is funny!

  • At 19/11/07 09:35, Anonymous EB said…

    Simply brilliant meal. So simple. So brilliant.

  • At 19/11/07 14:36, Anonymous swirlingnotions said…

    Nine months out of the year, my food comes from my backyard garden. But now, just after I've pulled out all the plants that gave me so many goodies all summer and before the first of the broccoli rabe and cauliflower and fava beans start sprouting, I get this panicky feeling of "what will I EAT!?" Until I remember that the farmers' market runs for another month and I've got a beloved organic market down the street who buys from local purveyors. Then all is well again.

  • At 19/11/07 15:34, Blogger Hillary said…

    Haha, this post cracks me up for some reason. Very cute! And I love poached eggs :)

  • At 20/11/07 18:04, Blogger Kevin Kossowan said…

    Cool photos.
    Where does my food come from?
    Veg mostly from the garden [March to January or so].
    Bread from my oven.
    Meat mostly game meats we take in the fall [calf moose, elk, grouse, goose, duck].
    Fish either caught by my dad in Saskatchewan [pike, perch, pickerel, whitefish], or by us in B.C. [salmon, ling cod, rock cod, snapper]
    Everything else: various sources.

    You asked!

  • At 22/11/07 20:58, Blogger Catherine said…

    lovely pics! love the reflective shot!

  • At 27/11/07 20:46, Anonymous ifoods said…

    i loved your egg photo,,,it really is so well made with lots of thought and very tempting as well! I just started a video recipe site that shows you step by step how to make stuff, and i also started out as a blogger so it's great seeing other bloggers doing well, keep up the good work"

  • At 29/11/07 03:13, Blogger Kevin D said…

    The worst part of using stumble upon before lunch is finding blogs like yours, I am now really hungry!

  • At 4/12/07 16:02, Anonymous Eve said…

    Such beautiful photos! Looks delicious.

    I have been thinking a lot about where my food comes from lately (mostly because I've been watching movies like King Corn and reading books like Kitchen Literacy.)

    It's quite eye-opening and disturbing. But feels like an extremely important thing to be aware of.

    Here are some relevant links if anyone is interested (sorry to plug my own blog via comments - I know that's sort of an annoying thing to do - just easiest to link to content I know):

    Interview with the two guys behind the new King Corn documentary film:

    Interview with Diane Hatz of Sustainable Table about their recent "EatWell Guided Tour of North America" this summer:

    Teaser about the new Kitchen Literacy book (interview with the author is coming soon):


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