Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where to Buy Fizzy Lizzy Soda in San Francisco?

SoMa's Wholefoods have stopped stocking my favourite soda, Fizzy Lizzy

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So, according to information Lizzy sent me when I wrote her an enquiry about this worrying state of affairs, here is a list of other local spots in the Bay Area that sell Fizzy Lizzy just in case, like me, you start to get withdrawal symptoms...

- 'wich craft
- Delessio
- Lucca Deli
- Market Bar Cafe
- Speedy's New Union Grocery
- Nabilas
- Zarzuela
- Canyon Market
- Cheese Board Pizza, Berkeley
- Genova, Napa
- Daniel's Pharmacy
- Sam's Wines & Liquors
- Yali's Cafe, Berkeley
- Mr. Hana
- I.B. Hoagies
- Crema
- Chef's Table
- Tom's Cookies

Lizzy also told me this: "You can special order Fizzy Lizzy even from Whole Foods stores that no longer carry us, though you'd have to order it by the case. Just go to customer service."

Why do I love Fizzy Lizzy so much? Because it's all natural fruit juice and sparkling water with no added sugar. It's the only soda I crave. Plus it's great with Campari! It also contains plenty of pulp ("body", as Fizzy Lizzy themselves explain it), which in my mind places it one notch above its competitors.

I googled all of the links above from a list of stockists Lizzy sent me. I hope they are all correct. Either way - it was an interesting exercise because I have discovered quite a few places I'd never heard of before.

Local Resources
I first made a verbal complaint in the SoMa Wholefoods store about their decision to stop stocking Fizzy Lizzy. They told me it was not an in-store decision, but a decision that came from above. So I wrote to Wholefood's Head Office who told me it wasn't their call - it was a local decision. So I went back to the SoMa store and wrote out an official complaint form. I haven't heard back but I might still - if I do I will let you know.

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Where to Buy Fizzy Lizzy Soda in San Francisco?


  • At 11/7/07 23:51, Blogger Dagny said…

    I've never had it but I assume it is similar to Izze which I love. I noticed that your list includes at least two places in my neighborhood so maybe I'll pop out in the next couple of days and give it a try.

  • At 12/7/07 07:19, Blogger Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said…

    I've had really good luck with talking to managers at Whole Foods. They've discontinued things I've loved and they've brought them back because people ask them too. It's not always about poor sales. If they get similar sales from another product they might drop something. That store shelf space is hotly competed over. You should ask.

  • At 12/7/07 13:45, Blogger krizia said…

    You're like a political advocate for the rights of foods! Hurrah! My tastebuds salute you :)

  • At 13/7/07 13:02, Blogger krizia said…

    I was at Cheeseboard Pizza in Berkeley yesterday afternoon and Fizzy Lizzy was nowhere to be found!

  • At 13/7/07 13:07, Blogger Sam said…

    Krizia - thanks for the update - I've striked through it on the list. This was a list from Fizzy Lizzy. Did you ask them? Maybe they are out of stock, stopped stocking it?

    thanks so much for reporting back!

  • At 13/7/07 13:07, Blogger Sam said…

    nancy - i have asked - but haven't had luck so far.

  • At 13/7/07 19:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love fizzies too. And I really haven't found izze or others to take its place. Most others are too sweet. She's perfected the flavor.

  • At 16/7/07 20:48, Anonymous enidd said…

    ah, you've saved enidd's life - all she's found so far is various corn-syrup based concoctions. yeck.

  • At 24/7/07 11:50, Blogger Dagny said…

    I finally had a Fizzy Lizzy last night when I went to Gregoire's in Berkeley. Yum!

  • At 31/12/07 00:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have bought it before at The Pasta Shop on 4th street in Berkeley.


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