Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Tale of Two Memes

in San Francisco

Last week I met new-to-San Francisco Brit, Enidd, for dinner. I thought she was a nice person but it seems she has since tagged me for a meme and I don't like being tagged for memes. A few days later my friend Delphine also tagged me for a meme and now I am trapped. You see, the thing is, I have found out that Enidd and Delphine, by some stroke of bizarre coincidence, happen to live just a mere block from each other. They haven't met yet, as far as I know, but they have already been scouting each other out... Enidd: "Ah, that must be the French couple I saw with the baby". Delphine "Are they the couple with the two dogs who live in the grey house?"

What I want to know is - are Enidd and Delphine already ganging up on me? If I don't do their respective memes, the chances are that they might be in cahoots already and my ears could soon start burning. "Hey, you know that girl Sam don't you? She used to be my friend but she didn't take part in my meme and I haven't been bothered with her since". "She didn't do your meme? I can't believe it. She didn't do my meme either and I thought she was my friend too. Hmmmph, let's forget about her and go and have coffee together instead."

It kind of sucks, but I think I am going to have to attempt some version of their respective memes but I just hope they'll forgive me if I don't quite stick to their stringent meme rules...

© 2007 Sam Breach
A Tale of Two Memes


  • At 22/7/07 16:27, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Enidd is such a funny, fish-out-of-water, third-person foreigner in our land.
    Personally, I forgive you if you don't participate in the meme. Eesh, y'know?
    (And. I have dried celery leaves for you. Organic. Backyard-grown.)

  • At 23/7/07 17:37, Blogger SteamyKitchen said…

    Who in the world started this meme business anyways?

    Did they ever think it would be so popular that we all groan now when we are tagged?

  • At 24/7/07 08:07, Blogger Tea said…

    Ha, I think they are definitely in cahoots. Probably just pretending they don't know each other when they've been scheming to meme you for weeks:-)


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