Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sprint Makes Good

About Time...

You may remember that last week I posted a non-food related piece about the saga we were having with Sprint. I am not sure whether it was the result of blogging it or whether they finally got the message from the increasingly irate emails I was sending them, but Sprint finally sorted out our problem. I'd like to thank that person at Sprint for finally dealing with the situation but would suggest that in future they nip these problems in the bud instead of letting them drag on for so long. Here are excerpts from the mail they sent:

"I have reviewed this correspondence and made the following changes to your Sprint account.
I have corrected the spelling of your first name on your Sprint account.
I have credited the following:
- Reconnect from Suspension Fee XXXX
- Shipping charges were already adjusted on XXXX
- Monthly recurring charges of XXXX for two months
- prorate of MRC of XXXX
Total credits are XXXX leaving a credit balance of XXXX
I have suspended service on the Sprint Phone Numbers ending in XXXX and XXXX so they will no longer be billed.
There may be suspicion of fraud here but that is not for Customer Care to determine. You have every right to cancel within 30 days of activation regardless of how the phones ended up on your account, and I am satisfied that you tried to do so. This, of course, is now well past the 30 days; but, because you were migrated to the new Unified Billing Platform on XXXX, there may very well have been a time period when you would have fallen between the cracks. I would give you the benefit of the doubt. If you have any further issues let me know.
Sprint appreciates your business. Have a great day."

© 2007 Sam Breach
Sprint Makes Good


  • At 22/7/07 10:46, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I'm currently trying to sort out my TV/Telephone/broadband because they have overcharged and not refunded as promised. I just hate those autumated messages that get you nowhere! Anyway glad you are all sorted. I've been trying since May to sort mine!

  • At 24/7/07 19:36, Anonymous Doug said…

    Dealing with customer service can be so frustrating - give this a listen if you want to hear something REALLY obnoxious (AOL cancellation)

  • At 30/7/07 17:27, Blogger Lenny said…

    I do hope you switched from Sprint.

  • At 31/7/07 11:40, Blogger Ken Alper said…

    Came across this via Google; I'm in pretty much the same boat.

    Signed up with Sprint -- first account with them ever -- on July 3. Got a spiffy new smart phone. Love it.

    On July 20, I received a replacement phone, via UPS overnight. I called Asurion (the company that does the replacement phone swapping if you have Sprint's insurance plan on your handset) to find out why. (There was a phone number for them in the box.) They told me I'd requested it the day before, and that the $50 replacement fee had been charged to my debit card, as I'd requested.

    (I checked with my bank online -- no such charge.) I eventually convinced them that my phone was fine, that I'd never requested a replacement, and that I'd like to send back the replacement and keep my existing phone. They told me they'd do an investigation and get back to me to find out what had happened.

    I realized today they'd never called me back, so I called them. They told me a SECOND phone had now been sent out, because someone, using my account, requested a re-send of the phone on 7/26. THAT one wasn't shipped to my house, but to an apartment in Dorchester, Mass. (I'm in New Jersey, and as far as I know, have never been to Dorchester.) Asurion told me to call Sprint Consumer Care to have my account monitored for fraud or whatever.

    Seemed like a good idea to me -- make sure there aren't any calls originating from Dorchester on my account, get the police involved through Sprint, make sure any future replacement phones ordered by me can only be shipped to my home address, that sort of thing? It's what I envisioned, at least.

    30 minutes on hold later, Customer care told me that order had been "stopped for fraud," and that I needed to talk to the fraud department; they transferred me.

    After five minutes navigating the fraud menu, I started telling my story to a representative, who transferred me back to Asurion as quickly as she could.

    I googled the number for Fraud Management and called them back; I'm on hold with a different representative, who sounded at least slightly interested before she put me on hold.

    She eventually came back, and really didn't sound all that interested, but told me that an investigation is being launched, and that I should check back in a few days. (I basically told her I didn't care, that maybe THEY care that someone is ordering themselves new $600 phones, but that I'd be pretty upset if calls from Dorchester started showing up on my bill.)


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