Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cherry Clafoutis - Not For The Frenchman

A Happy Bastille Birthday to my favourite Fred!

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The other evening I was in a baking mood and as I had some cherries that needed to be used up I decided (among other things) to make a Clafoutis. Home from work before Fred, I had already started on my culinary projects when he arrived. He asked me what I was doing. "I am making Clafoutis", I replied, hoping he would be a little excited. Instead he wrinkled up his nose and pulled what I shall politely call a 'negative face'. I was surprised. "But you have been telling me for all these years that your mother made the best Clafoutis in the world", I announced, desperately. "She does", he replied, "That's what everyone says, but I never actually liked it."

Now he tells me.

Thank goodness for hungry work colleagues, that's all I can say.

Bon Anniversaire Fred!

2006 | To My Favourite Frenchman
2005 | Bon Anniversaire & Joyeux Jour de la Bastille!
2004 | Fred's 40th in Paris

PS I just found a birthday Message to Fred from my mUm

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Cherry Clafoutis - Not For The Frenchman


  • At 14/7/07 08:38, Blogger Alice Q. said…

    Happy Birthday Fred! That looks great Sam, what recipe did you use? I also have some cherries that need to be used, and was thinking about using Tartine's recipe - if I can get around to it before they are too far gone.

  • At 14/7/07 08:45, Blogger Sam said…

    Yes I should add that I used the recipe from The Produce Bible - a book that wrote about recently but to be honest it wasn't the best recipe I've tasted for clafoutis, then again I dithered on the instructions according to a slight lack of some ingredients so it could be my fault (I only had half and half so I used that instead of cream and milk, and I used raspberry liqueur because I didn't have kirsch.

  • At 14/7/07 09:24, Blogger Del4yo said…

    Happy birthday Fred

    This is such a sweet story Sam.

  • At 14/7/07 10:41, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Happy Birthday again.
    Sam that looks pretty good to me.

  • At 14/7/07 12:16, Blogger Charlotte said…

    Double 14 Juillet felicitations to Fred!

  • At 14/7/07 19:22, Blogger Zoomie said…

    Happy Birthday, Fred. Sam, your Clafoutis looks terrific! I made my first one just a week or so ago and loved it! And Happy Bastille Day, too; my blog sends good wishes to tous les Francais today!

  • At 14/7/07 23:54, Anonymous Chubby said…

    Happy Birthday to Fred!

  • At 15/7/07 03:09, Blogger Beccy said…

    Fred is so funny!

  • At 16/7/07 05:15, Anonymous ann said…

    Happy Birthday wishes to Fred!
    God I love men, they're so upredictible... and always quite funny!
    I made my first clafouti recently with a mix of sweet and sour cherries. I was so thrilled! It's like a giant pancake.

  • At 16/7/07 12:53, Blogger Padma said…

    Belated Happy B'day Fred, I know I didn't tell this before, I am a huge fan of your blog and a secret visitor, today I am making it public, coz now I have my own blog to feel proud of. This is juz the begining, though not so 'posh blog' as urs ;)
    Sam that recipe is amazing...I love cherries

  • At 18/7/07 17:46, Blogger Chubbypanda said…

    Lol. There's a great French restaurant on Sunset in LA named "Clafoutis" that you should take him to the next time you're down here. He might enjoy the food, if not the dessert.


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