Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Red Poppy and The Vertical Chicken...

...by Todd T Brown

picture photograph of painiting called Vertical Chicken painted by Artist Todd T Brown and photographed by copyright of sam breach http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/
Three and a half years ago when Fred and I first moved in together, we lived for 6 short weeks in the Mission District. We never did have time to properly settle there, but during that month and a half we discovered The Red Poppy Art House, a funky, friendly little art gallery space hidden away off the beaten path, on Folsom Street.

On our first visit I had to pay a visit to the rest room. I may have spent longer in there than was absolutely necessary because the walls were covered with interesting paintings and one in particular caught my eye. There were no prices and so I had to make a little deal with myself... "Ok, I'll go out there and ask how much the painting is", so the conversation went in my mind, "and if they tell me it costs more than XXX bucks then I'll just forget about it". It turned out to be less than the figure I'd set myself and so soon the painting was mine.

It's called 'Vertical Chicken'. Isn't it cute? Which came first - the chicken or the blog? Well, the chicken actually. But only just. I already had food in mind.

And The Red Poppy Art House have food in mind, too, for a fundraising auction they are organising this Friday, June 1st, between 6.30-9.30pm. Not only will there be an unusual auction, where you could up being the proud owner of a unique piece of work by a local artist, some up and coming Chefs will be part of the mix too! Check it out and if we can get home from work in time, maybe we'll see you there?

Come experience a vibrant representation of the creative culture of San Francisco: The Red Poppy Art House is auctioning off a beautiful collection of works by some of the Bay Area’s most talented artists, in an evening set to celebrate art, music, and food - Poppy Style!

Six composers/musicians improvise an evening of music spanning South Asia, Europe, and the Americas, while artists create works from live models. Delicious wine and culinary creations by three up-and-coming chefs from a variety of top Bay Area restaurants: Delfina, Chez Panisse, and the Radio Africa Kitchen.

6:30pm - 7:45pm Silent auction, food, performance
8:00pm - 9:30pm Live auction

Mina Dresden Gallery
312 Valencia @ 14th street
San Francisco

Marcus Shelby (Bass)
Charith Premawardhana (Viola)
Jason Ditzian (Clarinet)
Sameer Gupta (Tabla, Drums)
Quique Cruz (Strings, Winds & Percussion)
Maria Fernanda Acuña (Percussion & Cuatro)

Caleb Duarte
Todd Brown
The Great Tortilla Conspiracy
(with Rene and Rio Yañez)
and others...


Andrew Meyers (Delfina)
Nico Monday (Chez Panisse Café)
Eskender Aseged (Radio Africa)

Francisco Toledo
Hannah Stouffer
Caleb Duarte
Maxine Solomon
Todd T. Brown
Nicole Bauguss
Blair Bradshaw
Juan Carlos Quintana
Ron Goldin
Addie Shevlin
Ashlee Ferlito
Rick Herold
Judah Thomas
Indira Urrutia
Volker Neumann
May-Li Khoe
Mona Caron
dk kaas
Susana Aragon
Rene Yañez
Rio Yañez
Ella Noe
Tyson Ayers
Marius Starkey
Michele King
Carlos Castillo
Rafael Landea
Aydasara Ortega
Colleen Flaherty
Jerry Chow
Fred Alvarado
Antonio Vigil
Andrzej Michael Karwacki
Stan Huncilman
Jessica Fairbanks
Paul Graf
Michele Muennig
Fernando Rossia
Adrian Arias
Carlo Ricafort
and others...

PS Happy Big Birthday, today, to Vinny!

Local Resources
The Red Poppy Art House Website

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The Red Poppy and The Vertical Chicken...


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