Saturday, April 21, 2007

Food Injury of almost Darwinian Award Proportions

Excerpt from Google Chat

11:55 AM f: what happened??
11:55 AM me: something really frickin dumb
i catapaulted myself with a BBQ skewer by accident and now i can hardly move mmy hand - i was up at 5 am crying but the vicodene it took me 2 hours to find is helping
11:56 AM f: oh, sam...
11:56 AM me: i was only trying t build a contraption from which to hang my yogurt to strain using skewers and rubber bands - food injury
11:57 AM f: oooooh - "rubber band" and "skewer" -- two words that should never be in the same sentence.
11:57 AM me: or in my presence

And so it is that today I am trying to one-handedly cook a nine course dinner for 12 people. (Except I have the two hands of Amanda at my disposal too, phew.)

OK - enough of that - here it is - what you have been waiting for the completed, published Fish & Quips spreadsheet. I will be using it to publish a roundup post for St Georges Day on Monday 23rd April and I hope some of you might too. If you have a late entry - let us know in the comments and you might still make the roundup. Thanks for all the great work everyone.

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Food Injury of almost Darwinian Award Proportions


  • At 21/4/07 08:28, Blogger Catherine said…

    Sam - ouch! The things we do for yogurt. Take good care of yourself and good luck with dinner.

  • At 21/4/07 09:24, Blogger MizD said…

    Aieaieaie. Note for future reference: take vicodin accessibility lessons from Dr. House. ;-)

    We're back to posting (yay!), and I've got my ode to my British ancestors right here. I'll add it to the database just in case you've a chance to update it later this weekend. Thanks!

  • At 21/4/07 10:37, Blogger sfmike said…

    Poor baby. That sounds really hurty. However, the line about "rubber bands" and "skewer" should never appear in the a sentence together is an instant classic.

  • At 21/4/07 11:36, Blogger Culinary Cowgirl said…

    Poor you! Don't let it become too widely known...since you are in the States (and especially the Bay Area) they may make skewers a "lethal weapon"! Feel better soon :)

  • At 21/4/07 12:12, Blogger Alice Q said…

    Oh Sam, that sounds awful - take care of it! I didn't get the access to the spreadsheet, if you send it to me I'll put myself on there. Good luck with your party!

  • At 21/4/07 12:52, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Sam hope its less painful today and hope the dinner is successful (I don't need to say that as I know it will be)

  • At 21/4/07 14:35, Blogger Tea said…

    Injury in the line of duty!

    You are a trooper, and I am sure your dinner will be lovely. Hope it heals quickly.

  • At 21/4/07 15:00, Blogger Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said…

    Ouch, that sounds pretty awful, Sam!

    Oops! I screwed up my timing but here are my odes to Brit food and drunk:


  • At 21/4/07 18:09, Blogger Dagny said…

    Ouch! Hope it heals quickly.

  • At 21/4/07 19:35, Blogger Robyn said…

    I am so glad that the skewer didn't go through a more important body part. .__. I hope your hand feels awesome again soon!

  • At 21/4/07 19:49, Blogger Deborah Dowd said…

    On my blog I encourage people to play with food... but not sharp objects. Hope you are 100% soon. I wish I had had time to get something together for your Fish & Quips event. But my proof is simple... Yorkshire pudding and stilton cheese with pears... I am not sure any cuisine has anything better to offer!

  • At 21/4/07 22:15, Blogger Rebeca said…

    Yikes, hope that feels better soon Sam. I added my entry to the spreadsheet, but I was a bit late, so here is my link:

    Thanks Sam!

  • At 22/4/07 01:27, Blogger Trig said…

    Sorry Sam - I emailed you very early but somehow I missed the spreadsheet. Am I too late?

    My entry is as follows:

    Hackney, London's so good, everyone else in the world wants to steal it from us!


  • At 22/4/07 02:33, Anonymous hester said…

    Oh dear - hope you are ok!

    Sorry for being a straggler! I will add myself to the google page as well - looking forward to seeing everyone's posts... was a really fun event!

  • At 22/4/07 02:54, Blogger Bron said…

    OUCH! That sounds like the stupid kind of thing I'd do to myself.
    Hope it heals well and quickly for you! Take care

  • At 22/4/07 06:40, Blogger Ari (Baking and Books) said…

    That sounds like a painful injury! Worse than the time I took off a small chunk of my finger with the kitche knife perhaps. I hope you feel better soon. The worst kinds of injuries are the ones that impair your cooking eh? :(

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  • At 22/4/07 10:13, Blogger Andrea said…

    OUCH! Sorry to hear about the skewer incident. Hope you feel better soon.

  • At 22/4/07 12:14, Anonymous Brett said…

    Ouch! And now you're on vicodin? Be careful.

  • At 22/4/07 12:21, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks for all the good wishes everyone. I went to urgent care and it turns out I had an infection in the puncture so I am on antibiotics now and it is getting better - slowly. I only took a couple of vicodin the day it happened, whn it really really hurt. I stopped that as soon as I went to the doctor and got the antibiotics so all is good.


  • At 22/4/07 22:47, Blogger Barbara said…

    You don't use a wire strainer lined with cheesecloth for that? Hope it is healing well.


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