Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nought - to - Twenty in...

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I tired of 'memes' a long time ago, but when I spied this one on my sister's blog I thought it was interesting and I was inspired to give it a try, albeit with an emphasis on food. It's harder to do than it looks...

0 The number of gas rings on the top of my oven
1 The number of times I've met Mario Batali
2 The number of 2007 Visual FX Oscar-nominated movies I worked on as a VFX artist.
3 Number of days to go until my six-year anniversary of moving to America
4 The number of Cooking Courses I've taken at Tante Marie
5 The number of hours I spent trawling and tasting my way through 1000 exhibitors at The Winter 07 Fancy Food Show
6 The number of courses I was actually treated to at Campton Place when I recently visited to try their 3-course DAT $21.95 lunch special
7 The number of other people's new-to-me recipes I've tried so far in 2007
8 The number of ounces of sugar, flour and butter that would go into making a large Victoria sandwich, along with four eggs and some jam for the filling.
9 The number of bottles of wine in my house
10 The number of hours I left my oxtails in the oven.
11 The estimated number of Weightwatcher points in just one Fatted Calf toulouse sausage.
12 The number of place settings I can cater for with our brand new Villeroy & Bosch cutlery set.
13 The time of day when I think about lunch.
14 The number of pounds in a stone.
15 The number of loaves of 'no-knead' bread I have made since I first baked it in December 2006
16 The birthday when I had a Pierrot iced on my cake.
17 My age when I first encountered asparagus sandwiches (here).
18 The number of jars of jam and marmalade I am currently hoarding in the fridge and the pantry.
19 The age at which I became a vegetarian.
20 The Number of Weightwatcher Points I am advised to eat per day if I want to lose weight.
865 Number of blogs in my feed reader

2006 | Cauliflower Cheese Flatbread

| |
Nought - to - Twenty in...


  • At 24/1/07 10:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This just reminded me I want to try the no-knead bread!

  • At 24/1/07 11:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Now do I keep it in the family and try this as well??

  • At 24/1/07 13:35, Blogger s'kat said…

    Very nice, I can see why this could prove difficult!

  • At 24/1/07 13:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Not only was your list very informative about you, but I got some cool links as well! :)

    I'll be heading back to the Bay for two weeks in March so I'm going to see if Tante Marie has something fun!

    And the no-yeast bread is high on my list!! 15 in a month and a half??

  • At 24/1/07 16:16, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…


    ...curious about types

  • At 24/1/07 16:22, Blogger I need orange said…

    A headline for a small article in tonight's Ann Arbor News said "Posh and Becks in Wax Museum."

    I thought that was really cool, food bloggers imortalized in wax, until I realized they meant some other Posh and Becks I never heard of.....

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  • At 24/1/07 16:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought it was fun when I saw it on Beccy's site. I'm thinking about doing my own list related to food. At what age did you stop being a vegeterian?

  • At 24/1/07 18:42, Blogger miss tasty said…

    Mm, yeah, know what you mean about memes being tired, but this one looks like a good exercise - nice links!

  • At 24/1/07 19:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Weight Watchers allows me 28 points. It still felt one step above a prison camp.

  • At 24/1/07 19:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    15 loaves of no-knead bread since last month! Wow! That's some recommendation. I've had this recipe on my "to do" list for a while. I'm going to have to bump it up higher on the list.

  • At 25/1/07 00:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    15 loaves of bread and 18 jars of marmalade/jam that's some list Sam.

  • At 25/1/07 02:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam!

    The number thing is a really good idea.

    I think I might steal it for my own weight loss challenge - if you don't mind! I don't like the idea of declaring my real weight to the world, whether in pounds, ozs, kilos or even Newtons!!


  • At 25/1/07 03:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's nuts. That comment was supposed to come up on your weightwatchery entry. Don't know what i did there! anyway, that's why i talked about the number. The number that you are starting at for you weight loss challenge! Meanwhile i am very impressed that you can remember exactly how many no knead loves you ahve baked since December!!


  • At 25/1/07 07:42, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Great Meme...I generally get tired of the too 'cept when I need a 'filler' article :)

  • At 25/1/07 08:07, Blogger Sam said…

    For every one who thinks my bread making is a bit crazy - don't worry - I haven't actually eaten 15 whole loaves. I started making them two at a time in Tahoe when staying with a bunch of 20 people for a week at christmas/new year which is why the number is quite prolific. I have aso made them them for a few pot lucks and parties. I just exeprimented making my first wholewheat one and it turned out great. So, Shelly, do it! And mum - only do the meme if you want to, never feel like you ought to, or have to do a meme.

    MS Adventures... I love Tante Maries, unfortunately i now work too far away to make it to their evening classes. though maybe soon we will get a chance to leave work earlier, so we will see.

    mcauliflower - half a jar paradise jelly (bakerina) 2 jars chili jam, 1 lavender jelly, tiny amount redcurrant jam, 2 june taylor marmalades, 1 apple butter from elise, 2 medlar jellys from england, 2/3 jar of cranberry blueberry jam my sister snet me for christmas, half jar of bates schmitt raspberry jam, a smidgen and scrape left in 2 jars of june taylor jam, some swanton farm strawberry, fig spread, fig vompote and a meyer leomon vanilla marmalade compote from tea and cookies i am saving for a special occasion

    i need orange - i think they would need a very large chisel for my wrinkles

    barbara - at around 28 i think

    miss tasty - i think people sshould to memes when they want to, not when they feel obliged to wwhich is why i am not passing this one on. i wanted to do it because it had a challenge factor wwhich most of them dont

    eric - prison camp might actually be better, no?

    kitchen chick - i hope you dont regret it - i certainly havent

    beccy - pop over and help me eat it won't you?

    sally - steal away!

    wmm - i didnt even need a filler for this one - i actually found myself wanting to do it!

  • At 25/1/07 08:33, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    this is cute - and those jams sound good!!

  • At 26/1/07 09:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    2 The number of 2007 Visual FX Oscar-nominated movies I worked on as a VFX artist.

    >click!< (Hmm...okay...okay...sucked...sucked outside of Johnny Depp...sucked because of Johnny Depp...Whoa!)

    Sky Captain? Sky Captain!!

    Duuuuuude! Rock on!


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