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Menu for Hope - US West Coast Prize Winners

photograph picture Menu for Hope 3 Last night, at my request, Pim sent me an advance list of the US West prize results for Menu for Hope so that I could prepare an announcement post for today. It was a special moment, reading through and seeing the names of the lucky winners, some of whom and I recognised, some who I didn't. I imagined their future joy on hearing the news that they had won one of the raffle prizes on which they'd bid last year to help us raise the $60,000 we collected to help The United Nations World Food Programme.

But my thoughts of joy quickly turned to thoughts of sadness when by some strange turn of random, haphazard link-clicking events, I stumbled upon a news story which reminded me that whilst we congratulate ourselves on our successes and celebrate them, other people are not quite so lucky. People are putting their lives at risk simply in order to try and help get food delivered to human beings in dangerous, war-torn parts of the world. It is easy for me to give some money, donate a prize and spend some time helping with the organisation of these events, but if I had to give my life, I think I might draw the line. Other people take far greater risks to help others than I do and it humbles me at times like this to remember just how lucky I am.

It has been an honour to be able to use the power of my blog to do small things to help those who need food in 2006 and I would like to thank all my readers for their continued support, not only of this spectacularly successful edition of Menu for Hope but also with the Blogathon last summer which raised money to help hungry people right here in San Francisco. That I could squeeze $2.5k out of my readers with no promise of any reward except watching me blog non-stop for 24 hours was frankly quite astounding. I am not quite certain I could go through it again, however, we will see nearer the time? One way or another, you can be sure that somewhere along the line I will be doing something to help someone be fed in 2007, too. I hope you will all continue the journey with me...

And now for the winners: Without further ado, below is a summary of the US West Coast Prize Winners only, listed with the username that was entered when the prize was bid for. Some of these usernames will be totally recognisable and some will be more generic so you might not be quite sure if you are the winner, or if another person with the same name as you might have been the lucky one. If you know or think you might be a winner, please contact the appropriate prize host with the email you used to bid on the prize with. They will then check your details with an adjudicator who will confirm whether your details do or don't line up with the donation records. For exact details skip to the bottom of this post. Not on this US West Coast Winners list? Did you bid on something outside the West Coast? For the full-on grand list of prize winners from all global regions, and more details, please check Chez Pim.

Menu for Hope III US West Coast Prize Winners List: - UW01: Manresa Dinner , Chez Pim

Kate Gardiner - UW02: Coffee with Thomas Keller, Chez Pim

Liam - UW03: Tea With Harold McGee, Chez Pim

Jumbo Empanadas - UW04: food writer package, Blog Appetit

Carolyn - UW05: A Taste of Australia, Matt Bites

Liz - UW06: Homemade chocolate coconut macaroons, Orangette

Lara - UW07: Wine & Olive Oil, Fifth Flavour

la contessa - UW08: TASTE3 Full Conference Pass, 101 Cookbooks

Francie Salle - UW09: Pangea Organics, 101 Cookbooks

Lara - UW10: Photography Lesson & Signed Cookbook, 101 Cookbooks

Kris - UW11: Coffee Lover's Package, Cook & Eat

Celery - UW12: 1 year sub to all 18 Edible Communities, Edible Nation

Melissa's Mom - UW13: Mocha Me Happy, Cooking With Amy

cn - UW14: Taste of Hawaii, Ma'ona

rosie - UW15: Arabesque & Gift Voucher, Erin's Kitchen

Lianne - UW16: Impromptu Wine Bar Dinner, Gluten Free Girl

rachel k - UW17: Delfina Dinner with... ...The Restaurant Whore

Kristen - UW19: Signed Alice Waters Plate, Kungfoodie

estelle - UW20: Homemade Sonoma Hamper, Life is a Banquet

Elise - UW21: California Wine Country painting, Life is a Banquet

selena - UW22: A Taste of Humboldt County, Christine Cooks

Catherine, Albion Cooks - UW23: 10 Speed books, The Bunrabs

st - UW24: Rare Star Wars Memorabilia, Becks & Posh

Carmen - UW25: Blogher 2007 Conference Pass, Blogher

brett emerson - UW26: Cookin' at the Costello, Hedonia

brooklynmili - UW27: Rancho Gordo Products, Steve Sando

prairieknitter - UW28: Signed San Francisco Chefs, Food Musings

boranam - UW29: Mamouls - rosewater flavored cookies, Mahanandi

Aparna T - UW30: traditional Andhra Sunnundalu, Mahanandi

Beccy - UW31: Gift basket, French food delicacies, Simply Recipes

Daniel Moon - UW32: premium artisan olive oil, Simply Recipes

Prava - UW33: Cooking at home with Pedatha, Mahanandi

award - UW34: Armchair Food Tour of the Bay Area, Married With Dinner

grundoon - UW35: A Chef in Your Own Home In Praise of Sardines

Rory C. Berger - UW36: Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, S F Gourmet

Josh Friedland - UW37: French Laundry Cookbook, I Heart Farms

Clotilde Dusoulier - UW38: A Persian Pantry, Gastronomie

anonymous - UW39: one swingin’ cocktail kit,

Maggie Y - UW40: Chronicle Books Collection, Tea & Cookies

Chris - UW41: Unique T-Shirt, Eggbeater

Paul - UW42: a signed copy of Tartine, Eggbeater

kallen - UW43: $200 Aziza Voucher, Eggbeater

FJK - UW44: Cooking Classes, Eggbeater

Woland - UW45: Cradle of Flavor, Rasa Malaysia

fantasty - UW46: Cradle of Flavor, Rasa Malaysia

Woland - UW47: Famous Street Food of Penang, Rasa Malaysia

Jeanne Feldkamp - UW48: Hangar One Vodka, Gastronomie

paul - UW49: A basket of goodies from Soif, Chez Pim

foo - UW50: BIN 8945 Wine Bar and Bistro dinner, Chez Pim

Small Print:

Instructions for the winners:

1. Visit the blog which hosts the prize or prizes you've won (just click on the prize name) and let the blogger know that you're the lucky winner of his/her fabulous prize.
2. Please be sure to use the same email address you gave us on your donation form. The email address will identify you -and not any other 'Liz'- as the real winner.
3. You are responsible for contacting the blogger and providing him/her with the shipping information so the prize could be mailed to you.
4. Then sit back and wait, your prize should be mailed to you shortly.

Instructions for the donating bloggers:

1. For bloggers hosting prizes with the code prefixes AP, CA, EU, and UC, please contact Brett at In Praise of Sardines to verify the email address of the winner of each of your prize.
2. For bloggers hosting prizes with the code prefixes UE, UW and WB, please contact Fatemeh at Gastronomie SF to verify the email address of the winner of each of your prize.
3. Please ship your prize(s) to the winner(s) promptly.

Got a problem or question? Please contact the following Menu for Hope Prize Managers:

* For prize codes AP, CA, EU, and UC, please contact Brett at In Praise of Sardines.
* UE, UW and WB, please contact Fatemeh at Gastronomie.
* Or you can also contact Pim directly.

2006 | Making Pork Rilettes at home!
2005 | Chef's Market, Davis

Menu for Hope - US West Coast Prize Winners


  • At 15/1/07 19:29, Blogger anni said…

    What a ride!
    Thank you so much for a job well done!
    I tip my hat to all of you that worked so hard to keep the momentum going. Awesome!

    Anni :-)

  • At 16/1/07 04:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great achievement for everyone involved well done

  • At 16/1/07 05:38, Blogger nika said…

    Well written and done! It is so right to remind us WHY we did this .. Hunger (yes, with a capital H), especially for children, is a brutal thing.

  • At 16/1/07 12:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am so blown away that a friend of mine, with two raffle tickets, won the dinner at Manresa. He works with Paul Bertolli at Fra' Mani, and will definitely be able to appreciate the courses they lay down there.

    Way to go, Ore (!

    : D

  • At 16/1/07 13:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congratulations everyone!!

  • At 16/1/07 18:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So well said.

  • At 17/1/07 00:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam: I think there's a few typos on your list. For example, it seems like I didn't win the dinner with Joy at Delfina or the meal prepared by Brett.

    There must be some mistake...

    Please...say it's not so!

  • At 17/1/07 00:51, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    congrats to all!


  • At 17/1/07 07:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thanks aren't just for me - they are for everyone!

    david - you know brett is going to cook for you and joy is going to dine with you despite you not winning, and the best thing about you not wining the prize is that you can take ME with you when they do.


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