Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Miscellaneous Mixmatch of Prizes for Menu for Hope

photograph picture Menu for Hope 3 Today I am giving you a taste of the remaining, as yet unfeatured, US West Coast Prizes for Menu For Hope, the foodbloggers' campaign to raise money for the UN World Food Programme. There are only two and half days left to make your choices - so it's time to start thinking about placing your bids...

UW03: Via Pim, share a cup of tea with Harold McGee. The author of the classic On Food and Cooking. Harold will meet the lucky winner for a cup of tea in Palo Alto or San Francisco. The winner will have to find the time that's agreed upon by both you and him. You must claim your prize by November 30, 2007.

UW09: "Pangea Organics is a fantastic line of bodycare products made from all natural, organic ingredients" says Heidi from 101 Cookbooks. No petrochemicals, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients. They use 100% compostable, seeded packaging which means you can soak the fiber packaging in water and then plant it in soil. The facial care products and massage & body oils will all grow edible Genovese Sweet Basil.

UW10: Heidi from 101 Cookbooks is also offering a one hour private photography lesson in San Francisco? If you aren't local (and can't get to San Francisco) in the next year or so, Heidi will throw in a signed copy of my her new cookbook, coming out in March, instead.

UW21: Landscape Artist, Ander Kase, is offering an original piece of artwork. Using the medium of oil-on-paper (archival/museum quality), Ander creates original paintings that provide a scenic view of the beautiful landscapes of the California Wine Country and its surrounding
locations. The lucky raffle winner can choose from a selection of artwork. There are only two bids so far for this prize which is valued between $500-$850.

UW22: Totally my fault - I forgot to include Christine's great prize, a taste of Humboldt County, in my Monday roundup."From local gourmet fisheries products to organic, hand-made truffles, the number of products that are made here in Humboldt county have become increasingly gourmet. They have also become more well known outside of the boundaries of the county. Fresh daily organic chocolate truffles, hot fudge sauce made especially for our locally produced ice cream, world-renown, gourmet water-packed albacore fished off the coast in local waters, spicy sauces from local restaurants, and much, much more have made their way into the hands of cooks and foodies around the world."

UW24: Do this immediately: Email all your geek friends and tell them about this unique opportunity to win a hard-to-get-hold-of Chewbacca bust and a sample of my home cooking. Otherwise I will send some Storm Troopers to blow you to smitherines. Thank you.

UW39: From, one swingin’ cocktail kit, representing some of the best imbibable inventory that’s been recommended on their site:
* One deluscious bottle of Modern Spirits Orange-Chocolate vodka
* One voluptuous bottle of Godiva chocolate liqueur
* One shakin’ cocktail shaker
* One terrific tin each of chocolate and orange cocktail sugars
* Eight — EIGHT — tip-free stemless cocktail glasses for your tipsy tippling
* One copy of CocktailSmarts, to challenge your newly lubricated gray matter

UW48: Fatemeh from Gastronomie has arranged this incredible prize (it's one of my personal favourites, but I can't bid on it, darn it, since Lance approached me with the idea on the first place). Fatemeh explains, "Lance Winters, evil genius of St. George Spirits (distillers of Hangar One Vodka) is opening his lab to one lucky winner. You will be granted the opportunity to visit the distillery and distill with Lance and the crew an ingredient of your choice (based on seasonality and the availability of ingredients, of course). In the very same still where Hangar One's Alchemist Series begins, Lance will create a designer spirit just for you, a one-of-a-kind, small-batch, craft-distilled liquor that will impress the pants off your friends. This winner of this prize will want to be local to the San Francisco Bay Area, or want to arrange a trip around the distillation date (to be agreed upon based on ingredient selected and availability)."

Alice Q. Foodie is selling 2007 calendars, featuring her favorite photos from the past year to raise additional money for Menu for Hope too. Thanks Alice!

I haven't made enough mention of the fantastic wine-themed prizes that have been going on at Alder's Vinography. Make sure you head over to check them out if you are fond of the odd tipple or two.

PS Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan we hope to bring you some information on the odds of winning each US West Coast Prize. There are still prizes you have a 100% chance of winning. Check back tomorrow to find out what they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Menu for Hope?
Where does the money go?
How much do the raffle tickets cost?
What are all those UW letters and numbers about?
So, how do I bid on a Prize?
When does the bidding end?
When will the winners be announced?
Will my prize be shipped to me?
Where can I read about prizes from areas outside the West Coast USA?
I don't live on the West Coast, can I still bid for these prizes?
Can I claim tax back when I make my donation?
How long do I have to make up my mind about which of all these amazing prizes I should bid for?
Is there any way I can donate a prize too?

A Miscellaneous Mixmatch of Prizes for Menu for Hope


  • At 20/12/06 11:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks Sam, you're doing a tremendous job! And just look at the total to date figure, will you? $36,000! I'm so proud to be a part of this effort.

  • At 20/12/06 12:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sam, you and everyone involved with the menu for hope auction are doing an AUSOME job!

  • At 20/12/06 13:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done Sam I need to alter some of my bids so will wait until tomorrow

  • At 27/1/08 23:14, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This one seems to be unique. I would just bid my luck to win amazing prizes. I am desperately waiting to bid on any of those products.


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