Thursday, December 14, 2006

Menu For Hope - Is there such a thing...

as too many Prizes?!

menu for hope 3

I am taking a little rest from promotion of the US West Coast Menu for Hope Prizes today. The response from everyone, prize sponsors and bidders alike, has been incredible so far. We have already raised over $14,000! Thank you everybody.

Having reached saturation point, Unless you have already contacted me and I have already agreed to assign you a code number, I have decided to accept no more prizes for the West Coast. We have some great new prizes waiting in the wings ready to seduce you into parting with even more money over the next few days, but we don't want to end up with more prizes than bidders!

The support we currently need instead is for people to buy tickets, especially for the less popular prizes. The biggest help now will come from people who can spread the word about the campaign to anyone who might not yet know about it and encourage people to buy tickets. Friends, familys, colleagues, work message boards, online forums and blogs are ways to spread the message. Thank you for your continued support.

Menu For Hope - Is there such a thing...


  • At 14/12/06 21:04, Blogger santos. said…

    i love you and pim and your respective blogs dearly, but this pictogram/match-the-word/find the prize thing is really doing my head in. perhaps some of the "less popular" prizes would benefit from a traditional written list of what's available? i do like the cleverness of the way their presented now, but as it is, can only really remember the new prizes you are listing outright.

  • At 14/12/06 21:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    For the prizes that has no bids, I suggest giving them away through random drawing. What do you think?

  • At 14/12/06 22:46, Blogger Sam said…

    santos - all in good time
    every prize will be presented more traditionally as you suggest, that is the plan and allways has been, abosultely, I started that yesterday with the least popular prizes and will continue going forward a few at a time every day. I am sorry - I do have a full time job and can't do them all at once. Come back tomorrow to see some more. And then next week again for even more.

    Rasa Malaysia - never fear - I am confident that by the end of the campaign there will no prizes at all without any bids.

  • At 14/12/06 23:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anyone else having trouble with the Firstgiving web site? I can't get it to load.

  • At 14/12/06 23:57, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    Hi Sam - you just saved me from indecision! I was thinking of putting up a prize, but I couldn't decide what to do that wouldn't be redundant with what's already on offer. Frankly I think it will be best if I just go ahead and bid on what's available, and maybe pitch my favorite prizes on my own blog. Next year I will be ready with something worthwhile!

  • At 15/12/06 06:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Besides my post for my prize on Monday, I have mainly reached out to various contacts (mainly outside the foodies sphere) and asked them to contribute and spread the word.


  • At 15/12/06 11:29, Blogger santos. said…

    my apologies, i didn't mean to suggest that you weren't doing well and beyond the call of duty.

  • At 15/12/06 11:36, Blogger Sam said…

    hey santos - no problem - i know not everyone likes the way i am doing it but i can't please everyone i guess. I am such a champion for the little blogger, and it was very important to me personally that the lesser know bloggerss who had donated to the cmapaign were actually being visited, rather than just being glossed over in the round ups on higher profile blogs like this one, as they would most likely have been if they had a smaller prizes than some people could offer.

    By forcing people to visit the sites at the beginning to find out what the prizes were instead of simply listing them, I hope these blogs all managed to get more attention than they usually would.

    It was all done for those reasons entirely.



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