Sunday, December 17, 2006

Made with Love for Menu for Hope 3

photograph picture Menu for Hope 3There is no doubt that some of the prizes we have available in our Menu for Hope campaign to raise money for the United Nations World Food Programme are glamourous and valuable. But what price can you put on time and love? The time, the love and attention that some bloggers put into making the gifts they are hoping you will bid on is priceless. These are one of a kind prizes that money just can't buy. Please place your bids...

UW06: Molly of Orangette, not only has a way with words, it would appear that she has a way with macaroons too. She knows full well, that a way to a man's heart is through a coconut macaroon topped with a rich ganache of organic cream and Valrhona chocolate. "These little beauties never fail to please. A colleague to whom I recently gave a Tupperware of these actually moaned with each bite and then, quite tellingly, held the container to her chest for the remainder of the day. Another friend has taken to calling them “little lumps of heaven.”"

UW29, UW30: Indira from Manhandi is making Middle eastern cookies called Mamouls which are rosewater flavored cookies - Sweetly crisp, grainy covering on the outside and insides are sweet moist filling of honeyed dates. Homemade and styled using a wooden mamoul mold. Indira is also offering traditional Andhra sweets called Sunnundalu. These are made using an old world style grain mill. Roasted urad dal is ground with sugar into fine sand like powder. Pure ghee along with cardamom powder is added and the mixture is shaped into perfect rounds. The recipe is prepared by following a centuries-old traditional method.

UW20: Anni from Life is a Banquet is providing an eclectic collection of the home-made offerings from her wine-country kitchen. There will be an assortment of award-winning jams, preserves, tapenade, chutneys, and pickles. The fruit and vegetables used in these products came from various growers in Sonoma County meaning the majority of the ingredients are organically grown. Spices used are gathered during Anni's travels. Anni will also include recipes suggesting how to use these delicious, one-of-a-kind, gourmet delights.

For people keeping track, one more West Coast prize that hasn't been mentioned yet by me can be found here. If all goes according to plan, later today I will be telling you about a couple of cool conference-pass prizes and tomorrow I'll be giving you ""the taste of a place"". On Tuesday I'll be rounding up all the restaurant, chef and cook prizes leaving Wednesday to highlight those prizes which didn't really fit into the previous categories. Ok, I've said it now, that means I can't wriggle out of it. If anyone could offer the prize of "more hours in a day", I can assure you I would sink my life savings into bidding for it. Except that I don't have any life savings. Oh well...

If there are any bloggers out there with a lot of spare time on their hands who would like to help by preparing a special menu for hope post with a certain theme, please shoot me an email, thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Made with Love for Menu for Hope 3


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