Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Odds on Menu for Hope 3

photograph picture Menu for Hope 3
As a Host for Menu for Hope 3, raising money for the United Nations World Food Programme, my aim is to promote the US West Coast-based prizes as much as I can. I am not doing my job properly if any of those prizes have absolutely no bids. No bids you say? Yes, no bids. Prizes worth hundreds of dollars without any bidders so far. The odds are good that one of these could be yours for just a meagre ten bucks...

UW07: Jack from Fifth Flavor has chosen to give away two bottles that are very special to him:
- 2002 Medlock Ames Cabernet Sauvignon, Bell Mountain
- L.A. Cetto estate-grown olive oil, Baja, Mexico

UW14: Alan from Ma'ona will send the sunshine of Hawaii anywhere in the world. Just imagine one dark, gloomy, stormy, Winter's day a postman knocks on your door and hands you a parcel containing a coffee and cookie taste of these Pacific Islands. This really could happen to you.

UW20: How can you resist a homemade collection like Anni's? Read about her eclectic collection of the home-made offerings from her wine country kitchen including award-winning jams, preserves, tapenade, chutneys, and pickles, mostly organic and from Sonoma over at Life is a Banquet.

Anni's husband Ander is an artist. Win one of his oil-on-paper, original paintings of a scenic view of the beautiful landscapes of the California Wine Country and its surrounding locations, valued at $500-850.

UW26: How could you resist this fabulous homemade recipe collection made last year by Sean and DPaul from Hedonia? To sweeten the deal even further, Sean has pledged to throw in a one 8x10 print of any image from the book as an extra. Jump to it!

UW30: Indira from Mahanadi is one of my favourite food bloggers of all time, she is quite incredible. What is also incredible, is that she makes everything using traditional methods and from scratch, including these beloved sweets from her home state.

UW34: You don't need to tell me about the great products there are available to us in the Bay Area. Now you can have a taste of the Bay sent straight to your doorstep, thanks to Anita of Married with Dinner.

UW24: I know I said the cookies weren't that great - but it's just me who doesn't like them. I took a batch to work yesterday where they were extremely well received. I know you foodies don't care about my rare Chewbacca. But help me out here please, forward the details of this prize on to all your geeky Star Wars friends instead, you know you've all got one! If we could get this prize into the right circles, I think it could raise a lot of money.

NEWS JUST IN: Check out one new mystery prize UW39.

And organiser, Pim, has finally described her own impressive prize package. But please, don't anyone bid for the Alinea stage. Not allowed, sorry, that prize has got my name on it.

Thanks to all the support so far, we have already raised over $10,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Menu for Hope?
Where does the money go?
How much do the raffle tickets cost?
What are all those UW letters and numbers about?
Where can I read about prizes from areas outside the West Coast USA?
I don't live on the West Coast, can I still bid for these prizes?
Can I claim tax back when I make my donation?
So, how do I bid on a Prize?
How long do I have to make up my mind about which of all these amazing prizes I should bid for?
Is there any way I can donate a prize too?

Good Odds on Menu for Hope 3


  • At 13/12/06 11:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Sam you must have written this post before I bought a ticket for one of those for Fred, (maybe you should remove if and you and Fred will have a higher chance of winning it)!

  • At 13/12/06 13:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam is it ethical to advertise on a Star ward site??

  • At 13/12/06 15:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sorry meany 'wars'

  • At 13/12/06 18:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok - I made a bid for the Star Wars prize..

  • At 13/12/06 21:15, Blogger Anita (Married... with dinner) said…

    I'd be really, truly embarassed to be on the no-bid list, except that I am in some pretty good company.

    That said, if I don't get enough bids to cover the cost of the goodies and shipping, I am gonna be seriously, seriously sad.

  • At 13/12/06 23:25, Blogger Barbara said…

    Beccy - I want Chewbacca for my son's birthday, I hope my bid wins.

  • At 13/12/06 23:28, Blogger Barbara said…

    I should add he went to his first Star Wars movie when he was in the womb.

  • At 14/12/06 03:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think he deserves to win Barbara if he's been a fan since then!


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