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Books for Cooks - Menu for Hope 3

photograph picture Menu for Hope 3 Today we have several new prizes to announce for Menu for Hope III, the global foodbloggers online raffle to raise money for the United Nations World Food Programme Whilst in the middle of writing this post, we just passed last year's total of $17,101. Wow! Thank you everyone! Since many of the new prizes I have for you today involve books and magazines, now is a good time to round up the entire United States West Coast prose and recipe collection. Enjoy the read and make sure you make it to the bottom - there is something very special at the end...

UW45 & UW46: I was delighted to discover a blog I didn't know about - Rasa Malaysia - based in Southern California. One of my new Year resolutions for 2007 is to learn about Malaysian cooking, so I might not be able to resist bidding on one of the two signed copies of James Oseland's "Cradle of Flavor: Home Cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore" that Bee is giving away.

UW47: Also up for grabs at Rasa Malaysia is a cookbook about the food of Bee's hometown. Aptly named "Famous Street Food of Penang: A Guide & Cook Book," the book chronicles the daily lives of some of the best hawkers in Penang, their foods, and their secret recipes. Sounds incredible. (Note: This prize will not be shipped until March '07)

UW37: Tana from I Heart Farms, with the cooperation of Michael Ruhlman, Susie Heller and Thomas Keller is offering an inscribed copy of The French Laundry Cookbook. Yes - that's right - the book is going to have "Dear yourname, signed Thomas, Michael and Susie slipped inside the front cover!

UW40: Tea over at Tea & Cookies has put together a complete package from Chronicle books as her prize. The winner will receive TARTINE by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, LA PAELLA, by Jeff Koehler, THE IRISH SPIRIT, by Margaret Johnson and SAKE, by Beau Timken and Sara Deseran.

UW42: My pastry-chef friend Shuna, from Eggbeater has come on board. Not only is she giving away a signed copy of Tartine, check out her other prizes of the famous blue and orange Eggbeater t-shirt, a $200 voucher to spend at San Francisco restaurant Aziza and places in her baking classes. (I can vouch for these, I am signed up to learn about pie dough with Shuna this coming Sunday).

UW28: Catherine of Food Musings is giving away one rare, signed copy of the San Francisco Chefs autographed by: Michel Richard, Thomas Keller, David Kinch, Laurent Manrique, Michael Ellis, Robert Curry, Nancy Oakes and Pam Mazzola.

UW04: This is a great prize. Faith at Blog Appetit has put together a package to help aspiring food writers. I imagine there are lot of bloggers who would enjoy that prize which includes Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob, The Recipe Writer's Handbook by Ostmann and Baker, and The New Food Lover's Companion by Herbst.

UW15: Over at Erin's Kitchen you might be lucky enough to pick up a copy of Arabesque by Claudia Roden as well as a $25 Penzey's Gift Certificate! In this, the latest cookbook by Middle East food expert Claudia Roden, you will find lively, flavorful recipes from Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon.

UW26: The book that spawned yet another food blog! Prior to launching Hedonia, Sean Timberlake and DPaul Brown created a cookbook of the dishes they just love and love to share. Each dish is lushly written and photographed and is peppered with tidbits of wit and wisdom. This book is not available in stores! The winning bidder will receive an autographed copy.

UW12: Here is a fantastic prize that might not have gained your attention yet. Bruce Cole At Edible Nation is giving away a one year subscription to all 18 Edible Communities magazines (a $500 value!). This is the subscription that Saveur Magazine says “Might very well be a model for regional food-themed publications everywhere.”

UW23: The darling Bunrabs have persuaded Ten Speed Press to kick in any three cookbooks that the winner chooses from their catalogue. That way you could go with the Cheeseboard, Cesar and Cindy Pawlcyn’s Big Small Plates OR decide that the Curiosities of Food, White Trash Cooking and the Twinkies Cookbook is your preference.

UW13: Cooking With Amy's decadent prize package packed full of coffee beans and chocolate bars also includes a couple of delicious-sounding reads: Hot Chocolate from Ten Speed Press and Coffee Cakes from Chronicle Books.

UW34: Anita over at Married with Dinner has centred her Armchair Food Tour of the San Francisco Bay Area around a copy of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market cookbook.Not only that, if you win this prize you'll receive all sorts of other local items too. Check it out for more delicious details!

UW33: Indira from Manhanadi has just interviewed the authors, Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain, of her book prize - Cooking at home with Pedatha in which they captured captured their Pedatha’s 85-years kitchen experience and wisdom.

UW48: Last year Hangar One offered me an amazing extra prize for Menu for Hope 2, but it was too late in the campaign for it to make too much of a difference, so I asked Lance if we might hold on to it for next year. My dear friend Fatemeh kindly volunteered to coordinate with Hangar One in 2006 to see if she could make it happen, and she did. This prize is unbelievable, priceless, unique. Over to Fatemeh at Gastronomie to tell you all about it. (Fred's got his eye on this one and he is thinking either avocado or saucisson-sec flavoured vodka).

Please keep visiting us here at Becks & Posh over the next week for a more in depth look at the other prizes we have to offer.

Books for Cooks - Menu for Hope 3


  • At 15/12/06 15:21, Anonymous Tana said…

    Hi, Sam,

    I am "sweetening the pot," so to speak, by adding some lovely homemade preserves to my offer. Heidi Schlect, of River Cafe & Cheese Shop, and of Feel Good Foods (caterers) here in Santa Cruz, was recently a delegate to the Terra Madre convention in Italy, representing Slow Food Santa Cruz. She is donating four jars of her renowned preserves: apricot, blackberry, Santa Rosa plum, and raspberry. They are all organic, and they are all amazing. (I believe she has studied with June Taylor.) I will add a photo of the preserves to my blog and an update. The charcuterie that our community butcher offered to donate is going to be part of Michael Ruhlman's package, which is perfect, since he's offering his Charcuterie cookbook, and both men are from Cleveland. Nice, huh?

    : D

    Thanks for all you do!

  • At 15/12/06 16:30, Blogger kung foodie said…

    Ack! I can't keep up!

    The awesomeness is overwhelming! Thank goodness you've closed donations, my wrists are killing me. LOL


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