Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bar Crudo - My thoughts are With You

Bar Crudo is one of my favourite restaurants to have opened in San Francisco in 2006. I have visited three times, the last time only a few weeks ago, and although I haven't gotten around to writing about my love of the place yet, Bar Crudo fast gained a heart in my restaurant ratings system.

I was just catching up with the news on SFGate after lunch when this story stopped me in my tracks. Several staff from Bar Crudo were involved in a fatal car accident in San Francisco last night. This makes me so very, very sad. Along with the good memories I have of the great times spent at Bar Crudo, now tinged with inevitable sadness for the people who served me so well, my thoughts are with the families and friends of everyone involved. I don't think there is anything I can say to make things better, but if there is anything I can do, please let me know.

Bar Crudo - My thoughts are With You


  • At 30/11/06 17:11, Blogger Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said…

    Oh, god. That's why I heard all the sirens in my neighborhood last night. How heart-rendingly awful.

    My sympathies go out to the Bar Crudo staff and their families as well.

  • At 30/11/06 21:22, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    I am so sorrowed.

  • At 1/12/06 04:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    same here , sorry about incidence

  • At 1/12/06 06:14, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Oh man...that is not good news

  • At 1/12/06 09:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    very very sad - walked by this morning and tim had left a note saying that they would be opening on Tuesday. sous-chef and mike are expected to survive but doubt they will be up to working for a long while.


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