Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pear - Pair - Pare

Foodography 10 is announced


photograph two pair two pear

Three pairs aren't any better than two when you are playing my favourite game, Texas Hold'em. I love the punny possibilities of words that sound the same but that mean totally different things. How will you interpret the Foodography theme for October? The possibilities are endless. Will you go for one pare, two pear or three pair? I can't wait to see what you come up with. This is a very loose theme and you are encouraged to photograph it however you see fit.

Today marks the launch of the tenth round of mine and Andrew's food/wine photography club challenge, Foodography, for food bloggers and food lovers.

Participants are invited to join our special Foodography 10 Flickr Group where photographs on the Pear/Pair/Pare theme will be collected over the next six weeks for an automized roundup.

Here are the guidelines:

- Only pictures with a food related Pear/Pair/Pare theme should be added to Foodography: we will remove those that are not relevant.

- Only pictures taken specifically for this Foodography challenge will be accepted. Any images taken or loaded to Flickr before October 1st 2006 will be deleted.

- This time up to 6 Foodography entries will be allowed per person. Edit your entries before you submit and choose to showcase just your six favourites on the subject. The challenge is open til mid November so there is plenty of time to experiment and play with the theme before uploading your favourite images.

Foodography is generally open to constructive critique, to help us improve our food and drink photography skills.

- If you do not wish your Foodography entry to receive a critique enter NO CRITIQUE in the description. Otherwise, by default, you should expect critique from fellow members.

- If you are looking for Foodography critique, please initiate discussion about your own entry by adding your critique, to your submission. Outline what you like about your picture, what you were trying to achieve, what you think works and where you think there are areas for improvement. If you do not iniate any discussion, please do not necessarily expect for anyone to comment on your entry.

- The Foodography challenge is to take a picture on a theme, not to pick one from an archive.

- Foodography was created for food bloggers but anyone who is into the idea is welcome to join in.

Have fun with it!

Links, Resources and Further Reading

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Pear - Pair - Pare


  • At 2/10/06 00:56, Blogger lobstersquad said…

    too bad I can´t take part, but I´ll be looking hungrily at all entries. great theme.

  • At 2/10/06 06:04, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Bloggin' while photographing and gambling...I'm in! :D

  • At 2/10/06 06:57, Anonymous Danielle said…

    I really like this theme. How fun! I'll try to think of something good.

  • At 2/10/06 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very cute play on words and images Sam!

  • At 8/10/06 12:35, Anonymous sam said…

    lobstersquad - you can illustrate an entry if you like.

    wmm - i just lost at the poker tournment last night :(

    danielle - have fun with it

    passionate eater - thanks - i hope we get some imagineative entries


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