Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Liquid Hunch

...for Foodography 8 Foodography

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Foodography is an online food and drink photography club devised by myself and Andrew from Spittoon with a new challenge starting every month. Anyone, readers or bloggers, with an an interest in practising their food photography, can join in the challenge which is designed to welcome constructive criticism to encourage ongoing improvement.

This month's challenge is LIQUID. There are many ways you can interpret liquid as it relates to food and drink, but it is a tricky substance to work with. It needs to be contained else it might end up running all over the place! The challenge starts today and lasts for 6 weeks. See what you can come up with. The challenge takes place on Flickr. Head over there to read more about how to take part.

PS: Check out Still Life With for great tips on how to photograph cold drinks.

PPS. My recent Summer Pudding post was featured in Sunday's edition of the The Sunday Business Post in Dublin (which pleased my sister, Beccy, who lives there). Thanks to Vanessa Berman.

PPS: The Still Life with food photography challenge for August is Food & People.

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Archive Alert! On this Thursday in 2005: it was the start of the 2005 Eat Local challenge and I woke up to a bowl of sunshine.

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A Liquid Hunch


  • At 1/8/06 11:58, Blogger Catherine said…

    Congratulations on the summer pudding feature. I've just discovered how difficult drinks are to photograph. Thanks for the link to Still Life With too - how did I miss that?

  • At 1/8/06 18:29, Blogger Dagny said…

    One would think with the amount of liquids I down that this should be a piece of cake for me.

  • At 2/8/06 03:38, Blogger Parisbreakfasts said…

    I DID IT!
    but I think I'm the only one so far...and the drink stands alone. Now where does one put one's self-critique? Hmmm...I'll check back in a bit :)

  • At 4/8/06 11:58, Blogger Sam said…

    catherine - thanks, still life is definitely a great blog to have in your rss reader!

    Dagny - you are cracking me up, I love your drinking tales on your blog.

    Carol - cool. thank you.


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