Saturday, July 29, 2006

Off to the Market Shortly...

Donate now to Win a Shipment of Food Goodies
from the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006

I will be picking up something sweet for the lucky winner at Michael Recchiuti (picture of me pondering over their selection, above). Hmm, I wonder what it will be? Keep an eye on my mo-blogging to see not only what other goodies might be in prize package, but also what I am buying during my weekly food shop. Donate non-anonymously before 12 midday PST, today, to be in with a chance of winning this grand prize.

So, off to the market, mo-blogging from here on for a while...

2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006

Remember! Any money can pledge, even the smallest amount, will help Food Runners to stop good food going to waste and help feed the needy in San Francisco.

Please sponsor me to help Food Runners by Clicking here

Visit the Food Runners website.

Visit the Blogathon Website.

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Off to the Market Shortly...


  • At 29/7/06 07:47, Blogger Alanna said…

    Gosh I have breakfast and you've managed -- how??? -- to post a few times already! Go Sam go!

  • At 29/7/06 07:49, Blogger Alanna said…

    Suggestion: I know post time's noted at the bottm but maybe it should put it in, right at the start of the post?

  • At 29/7/06 08:00, Anonymous Alhena said…

    Hi there! I'm getting hungry looking at all those food goodies! That is a prize for a drawing out of all your sponsors, yes? Is that only sponsors from the US, or anywhere in the world? Just wondering, because many countries have very strange laws regarding importing and exporting of food, and I'm hoping it will not cause trouble with customs. O.o

  • At 29/7/06 09:25, Anonymous bizofknowledge said…

    Best of luck with your blogathon today! I am really enjoying your posts from the market, not to mention becoming green with envy that you have such resources available to you!


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