Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th July!

Oh, go on then... enjoy celebrating your independence from us pesky Brits.

I was just really very hungry when I saw this most beautiful of American desserts:

photograph picture i waS JUST REALLY HUNGRY'S really beautiful july 4th bbq dessert
Click on the photo above to see it in its full red white & blue glory.

Other patriotic food posts, I've spotted this morning today:

Old Glory Tuna Sandwich
Red, White and Blue Bread
Patriotic Wedding Cake
Blueberry, raspberry, vanilla cake (ok, this one is French, allez les bleues, but the colours would work in the US too).
Above the Fruited Plain
Cheesecake in Sweden
Patriotic Road Trip
Berry Tart
Homemade Marshmallows
Flag Cake Video
Chocolate Wholewheat Honey Biscuits

I will add any more patriotic dishes I find to the list later, in the meantime, I am off to the beach for a BBQ, where I will be heeding the words of Dr Biggles. You should heed them too. Have a fun day...

Links, Resources and Further Reading

Archive Alert! On this day in 2005: The Beach at the W in San Diego

And on about this day in 2004: Thornbury Castle, England

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Happy 4th July!


  • At 4/7/06 08:24, Blogger Kalyn said…

    Love the Fourth of July food idea.

  • At 4/7/06 08:52, Blogger David said…

    Well, we Americans may have won our independence from the Brits, but you've taken us by storm, mon chérie. Happy Fourth of July anyways.

    (Grill a burger, non-horse meat, for for me!)

  • At 4/7/06 09:53, Anonymous kudzu said…

    You're so fair and broad-minded, Sam, to give us gifts for our Indpendence Day! Beautiful recipes and ideas....Have a lovely day and don't forget your sunscreen.

  • At 4/7/06 12:41, Blogger Fanny said…

    Hi Sam, this is quite funny, because while making this blueberry, raspberry and vanilla cake, i thought it could be a good idea for the 4th of July and i did post today, so thanks for the mention and *finger crossed* for tomorrow's match!!!

  • At 4/7/06 15:30, Blogger JargonTalk said…

    Sam, what a great idea, and the tradition of food on July 4th is so... American! We are in the midst (right now) of celebrating our day with the traditional hot dogs, burgers, potato salad and such, but your ideas will be noted to make further July 4th celebrations truly memorable... thanks!

  • At 4/7/06 16:14, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Thanks for doing your patriotic duty, Sam!
    May we call you Uncle Sam?

  • At 5/7/06 00:10, Blogger kitchenmage said…

    I look at you Brits as being like parents: I'm kind of fond of you, even if you are a bit batty, albeit in ways you see reflected in the US's battiness. The whole "royal" thing confuses me as does the use of the word "whilst" in technical books (it's a bodice-ripper sort of word in the US and yes, there's a story behind this), but over all I find the shared non-common language amusing as all get-out. And, even if we did move out, you're always welcome to visit.

    btw, my 4th of July food:

  • At 7/7/06 17:13, Blogger Sam said…

    Thanks Kalyn

    David - merci - i had a sausage instead.. I am sure you won't mind, I am certain you are fond of ze beeg joozy sos-ayges, non?

    Kudzu - thanks for the sunscreen reminder - it worked a treat, except the little corner on my back I obviously didnt quite reach, duh!

    fanny - and now i have my fingers crossed for sunday!

    jargontalk - no problem - hope you enjoyed and that your blogging break didnt ruin the party

    Cookie - no I dont think so. Unless there is money invloved.

    Kitchenmage - thanks! I use the word whilst about 100 times a day and didnt even know y'all had a problem with it til my friend Fatemeh pointed it out to me. I carry on and use it regardless, it just seems so natural. I need to know about the bodice ripper though? I am not sure to what you are alluding?

    Long may we be batty!


  • At 11/7/06 07:37, Anonymous bizofknowledge said…

    I've passed the patriotic wedding cake link along, thanks so much! When you scour the blog boards it always makes it easier to tell what will be worth my time!

  • At 14/7/06 09:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love this receipe , i am gona ask my shef in our Aarajura Guest house to make one for us :)
    Thanks for this trick on 4th July.


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