Saturday, July 29, 2006




  • At 29/7/06 09:59, Anonymous mum said…

    Are these courgettes? interesting colour

  • At 29/7/06 10:12, Blogger Andrew said…

    Just to let you know that there is more than just your mum checking in to make sure you are not cheating!


  • At 29/7/06 11:04, Anonymous alan said…

    I'm getting tired vicariously, just *reading* your flurry of posts. You're already on a roll. Good luck, Sam!

  • At 29/7/06 12:17, Blogger Catherine said…

    Now those are very cool!

  • At 29/7/06 14:03, Blogger Papilles et Pupilles said…

    I've never seen courgettes like that !

  • At 29/7/06 14:43, Anonymous Tana said…

    I think those are called Zephyr squash. We're growing some. They look like saggy yellow breasts ("beagle ears") with green nipples, don't they?

    : D


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