Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ok. I am just testing that my moblog works before i head off to the market

Say hello to fred's little friend



  • At 29/7/06 07:25, Anonymous sam said…

    I will be using my phone to moblog whilst I am out and about and away from the house. Looks like it is working! good!

  • At 29/7/06 09:27, Anonymous bizofknowledge said…

    It is definitely working, and what a cute little garden gnome you have! Very impressive. For some reason I imagined you as a city girl with a few herb pots on your balcony. Guess I was a bit off the mark!

  • At 29/7/06 09:47, Anonymous mum said…

    hello Fred's little friend; how long have you had him moblog is working well

  • At 29/7/06 10:10, Blogger Sam said…

    that is a pot on the balcony!
    all the herbs are dying and it is in the city, you are spot on.
    the gnome just lead you to believe otherwise, eh?
    He was a secret santa prize, 18 months old and is much beloved.

  • At 29/7/06 10:25, Anonymous cricket said…

    such a cute gnome!!!!

  • At 29/7/06 23:03, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    i love that mum just said moblog.


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