Sunday, July 30, 2006


You are all wonderful
2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006

Maybe we will make it to $2.5k before the night is over.

Thank you!

Please sponsor me to help Food Runners by Clicking here

Visit the Food Runners website.

Visit the Blogathon Website.

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  • At 30/7/06 03:30, Blogger Beccy said…

    Well done Sam, not long to go now

  • At 30/7/06 03:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well Done!!!

  • At 30/7/06 03:51, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks you too, for the company, I am starting to wane...

  • At 30/7/06 03:59, Anonymous mum said…

    keep with it you are doing so well; think how much pleasure you have given your followers as well as helping a good cause. I aim to be with when you finally log off pnly a couple of hours


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