Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things are Hotting Up Around Here...

...for Foodography 6 Foodography

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Foodography is an online food and drink photography club devised by myself and Andrew from Spittoon with a new challenge starting every month. Anyone, readers or bloggers, with an an interest in practising their food photography, can join in the challenge which is designed to welcome constructive criticism to encourage ongoing improvement.

This month's challenge is HOT! Hot can mean many things in the food world, so use your imagination to get that feeling of heat across in your own unique and individual way. With Summer approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter drawing in on the South, HOT! is the perfect theme for everyone the world over. Head over to Flickr where we host the challenge to find out exactly how to enter.

PS - It's vacation time. Fred and I are heading to New York City to meet my mum, sister and her husband who are flying over from England and Ireland respectively to help me celebrate a very little unimportant birthday I will be having next week. I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of New York food bloggers on Sunday and I have three dining reservations lined up. Can you guess what they are? (Brownie points to anyone who can guess where the birthday dinner itself will take place.) We'll try and post some pictures up whilst we are gone, otherwise we might be generally a bit quiet for a while...

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Things are Hotting Up Around Here...


  • At 1/6/06 09:25, Blogger Jeanne said…

    Ah yes, funny how those insignificant little birthdays creep up on us... Well, happy Insignificant Birthday in advance for next week!

    I'm looking forward immensely to your New York report as we are off there in October for a few days. I'm already working on persuading Nick that money spent on fine dining is never wasted ;-) Bon Voyage!

  • At 1/6/06 10:03, Blogger wheresmymind said… food?? Sounds like the reason for food blogging to begin with! I'm so there! :D

  • At 1/6/06 11:18, Anonymous Jess said…

    I'm so excited for you! Hmmm, three reservations...well as far as I know you can't make them at Grimaldi's, but I really hope you will be sharing a pie at some point at my old fave! And a cupcake on your birthday. And some horseradish vodka at you know where, and and...

  • At 1/6/06 12:15, Anonymous Tana said…

    I hope you go to Dévi and have the best Indian food of your lives.

    Have a great trip, Sam & Fred.

  • At 1/6/06 16:15, Blogger Catherine said…

    Happy Birthday! Have a great time!

  • At 2/6/06 07:56, Anonymous Bruno said…

    Have a great birthday celebration Sam!! My guess is you have reservations for the grand tasting menu at Per Se for your birthday dinner... if so, lucky you!!!


  • At 2/6/06 11:15, Anonymous Catherine said…

    Happy Birthday, Sam! Hope you have a blast in the Big Apple and enjoy your bday dinner at you-know-where.


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