Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Diet Progress

Weight loss, Weightwatchers and diet notes:
I have to apologize to those few of you who have been interested in my weight loss progress since I declared Food Blogging Makes You Fat earlier this year. It's been five weeks since I last reported back to you. Well, no news is most encouraging news in this instance. I set myself a goal of losing 23 lbs by my fortieth birthday. Now, I only have 20 thirty-something days left to go and I am not quite going to reach that goal unless I eat nothing between now and the big 4-0 day, but I am going to get pretty darn close. Yes folks, I only have a meagre 6.5 lbs left to reach my target weight. That means a whole 16+lbs has melted away. In Brit-speak, that's more than a stone. We Brits like losing stones. To be honest, I am startled by these good results. I stopped counting my Weightwatcher points weeks ago, I have gorged myself at an English Tea Party, scoffed French-style Gnocchi, devoured a Beard Papa Cream Puff, indulged in exquisite chocolate eggs, gone to town in Vegas, taken part in a 6-week French Cooking Class drenched in duck-fat and not been too shy with the butter on any occasion. And I still lost weight! Last week I managed to slip into my old 'sexy' jeans and a whole mass of other clothes items in my wardrobe are seeing the light of day again for the first time in a couple of years.

So how do I do it? I have learnt that is a matter of balance. Don't be a total 24/7 glutton, but when you do indulge, even if on a regular basis, balance with lighter healthier meals at other times of day, eat more fruit and vegetables and limit snacks in-between meals and, hey presto!

Diet started January '06. History of weight still left to lose in order to attain target:

23 19.5 17.5 17.0 15.0 14.0 13.0 13.0 6.5
Diet Progress


  • At 17/5/06 12:01, Anonymous Grant said…

    I'm new your your blog and I have to say I just love it. Congrats on your dieting! I too have lost a significant amount of weight by doing pretty much what you do. Lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables duing the day and then for dinner I feel free to eat pretty much whatever I want, although I tend to avoid bread and pasta and the like.

    Being a food blogger myself, I've found that it's sort of forced me to eat more balanced, well rounded meals, just so readers don't get bored (not that I have that many). If it were up to me I'd just eat nothing but chicken but now I sort of feel obligated to eat more fish, pork or whatever.

    Anyway, congratulations.

  • At 17/5/06 12:08, Anonymous Bruno said…

    That's fantastic Sam! Amazing that you can still drop weight on a diet ladened w/ duck fat... I'm impressed!! Good luck on the few remaining pounds.


  • At 17/5/06 12:20, Anonymous Sean said…

    You're an inspiration! Having just returned from the land of the large, I am now officially 15 lbs over where I want to be, up from a stable 10 lbs I was coming to terms with for some time. I too did the Weight Watchers point thing for a while, but I find it's actually not so practical if you eat real food -- their calculator is great if you eat lots of packaged and processed food. Yuck.

  • At 17/5/06 13:12, Blogger Scott said…


    Congrats on your progress! Good luck making your goal. I have a blog with similar topical interest. Please feel free to let me know what you think!



  • At 17/5/06 14:04, Blogger drbiggles said…

    Waaaah, you're wasting awaaaay.

    What's for dinner?

  • At 17/5/06 14:13, Anonymous Clare said…

    Congratulations! I did WW as well, and dropped 25 lbs in a few months. I need to lose another 10 to reach my ultimate goal, and have been absolutely horrible the last few months. Your post has inspired me to get back on it and use those WW coupons that have been collecting dust too long.

  • At 17/5/06 14:15, Blogger Eva said…

    congratulation...that's great news! and it gives me hope as I'm trying to do the same but I keep getting tempted by all these lovely it's encouraging to see it's working...have a great birthday :-)

  • At 17/5/06 14:17, Anonymous sam's mum said…

    Hi Sam Will I recognise you !! Im glad you are nearly there.

  • At 17/5/06 15:07, Anonymous Chubby said…


    You are my new role model!

    Your pal,

  • At 17/5/06 15:53, Blogger Del4yo said…

    Just the perfect post to stop me on my way to the fridge...And you know what's in it!


  • At 17/5/06 18:00, Blogger tejal said…

    Woo Sam! Truly there is nothing sexier than a woman celebrating her fortieth in her sexy jeans taking pleasure in her sexy food! Congrats!

  • At 17/5/06 18:12, Anonymous catherine said…

    Ooh, I am equal parts envious and inspired. I started WW on Monday and went back to my boot camp workouts, too. This week I am sore and hungry, a nasty combination...

  • At 17/5/06 21:56, Anonymous Pamela said…

    Well done, I should follow your example.

    Last year using weight watchers and exercise I managed to loose 10kg (22lbs) but unfortunately I turned 30 last October and it's been all downhill since then and I've piled all of the weight back on and then some...

    Congratulations again you've done great!

  • At 18/5/06 03:17, Blogger Betsy said…

    Sam -
    Happy impending birthday! I turned 40 in March and I have to say, it's definitely the dawning of a new era. Enjoy the rest of your 30s, but then come on in, the water's fine in the next decade!

    Betsy (of Mama Cooks)

  • At 18/5/06 04:25, Blogger diet4free said…

    I just came across your blog about weight loss and wanted to say how fascinating your information is. I have my own weight loss blog –, about my experiences. Know a good site when I see one. Keep up the good work.

  • At 18/5/06 05:53, Blogger wheresmymind said… fat!

  • At 18/5/06 06:45, Blogger Melissa said…

    You are an inspiration! Way to go!
    40 is fantastic, you'll love it!

  • At 18/5/06 10:24, Blogger Sam said…

    grant - good for you too. I can just about resist pasta - but not bread - it's impossible for me to go without it. I don't think a blog should make you feel obligated to eat more than chicken if that's what you really like, but its probably better for your rounded diet!

    bruno - thank you.

    sean - its true - i dont like the packaged food slant of WW but I guess that's the way most Americans eat. I wouldnt hesitate to do it again if I ever found myself slipping back in the wrong direction though, it's great for getting started.

    scott - thanks

    drbiggles - i had melted brie and mussles for dinner.

    clare - i wish you the best of luck with those last ten.

    eva - i am tempted by lovely recipes too, best thing I find is to feed them to other people and just have a small bit myself.

    chubby - but you're not chubby ;)

    del4yo - you have good will power being at home during the day. I am not sure I would fare so well left to my own devices.

    tejal - Fred doesn't call me 'sexy sam' for nothing, eh?

    catherine - i shall be following your progress - good luck with it.

    mum - you'll recognise me - I'll be the one who looks like your daughter did when she was a teenager!

    pamela - well it did before, two years ago, and then undid all the good work slowly, which is why I decided to start all over again. You should try it - it feels good.

    Betsy - i think it will be the dawn of a new era in more ways than one, an adventure that may have some surprises in store. I hope they are good ones. Thanks for the encouragement.

    wheresmymind - the worst (or best) thing was that we had a whole bucket of the duck fat. a WHOLE bucket!

    Melissa - I hope I will love 40. I am not too worried about it anyway.

  • At 19/5/06 11:06, Blogger Babble said…

    congratulations. way to go!

  • At 20/5/06 13:45, Blogger Bron said…

    Wahoo! Well done Sam...
    Hope you have a most gorgeous birthday!!

  • At 21/5/06 12:09, Blogger farmgirl said…

    Woohoo! You go, girl! (Or should that be, You go, Sixy Beast!) : )

    You're an inspiration--you've shown that it is indeed possible to have a food blog and lose weight, too.


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