Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weight loss Update

Weight loss, Weightwatchers and diet notes:
Ok, a friend of mine, a restauranteur in San Francisco, asks me every week, he has been missing my weight loss progress, so I thought I had better give an update. It is still going well. Every week I start off, on Wednesdays, counting my points religiously and then, at the weekend I go off the rails with a dinner here, or a potluck there, and I lose count. One thing is for sure, however, during the rest of the week I am much more strict with myself and so everything seems to iron out in the end. I bought a dress whilst I was in Vegas. Size medium was too big, I had to get a small. Now that felt good!

Here follows a list of how much weight I have lost so far. I started with a goal of losing 23lbs. This is where I am now...

23 19.5 17.5 17.0 15.0 14.0 13.0 12.5
Weight loss Update


  • At 12/4/06 13:28, Blogger The Guy said…

    Way groovin post!

  • At 12/4/06 14:53, Blogger Cindy said…

    That's great, you've already lost 11 lbs. Congrats.

  • At 12/4/06 15:31, Blogger b'gina said…

    Congratulations! That diet thing is a very difficult process for a food lover. Keep up the good work.

  • At 12/4/06 22:31, Blogger Bron said…

    Great stuff Sam!
    It's excellent to hear you're doing so well in this difficult to say the least, environment of food blogging.

    But really, honestly did you HAVE to send some of it over to me?! ;-)
    hehe, I'm kidding of course!
    Tis indeed my own silly fault!

  • At 13/4/06 06:52, Blogger Sam said…

    At the moment I am lucky (huh?) in the fact I have to work 6 day 60+ hour weeks so I dont have too much time spare for cooking and shopping!

  • At 15/4/06 16:32, Anonymous johanna said…

    Blame it on the fact that i've had a glass of wine (or three), but i just rubbed my eyes in disbelief: from 23 to 12.5? I couldn't believe you'd halved your weight in a matter of months, but more importantly, I was worried... I met you before your challenge started and to think that only 50% of you was left... devastating!
    Well, taking another look I understood that 23 of your weird weight units is actually too little to make up a full-grown person!!! Never mind my ignorance: you're half-way there and I really admire how disciplined you are... I could never succeed on a diet, I am just not strong enough! I know you can make it - go girl!

  • At 15/5/06 02:40, Blogger Rajesh said…

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