Friday, November 11, 2005

Qu'est ce que c'est?

What is this dish?

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Answers accepted in French and/or English.

PS. Becks & Posh may be a little bit quiet for a day or two, or three whilst we travel back to the USA...
Archive Alert: Sugar High Friday from this time last year. Apples! How terrible my photographs were back then.

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Qu'est ce que c'est?


  • At 11/11/05 06:54, Anonymous pascale said…

    Peut-etre des tripes ? Have a nice trip back.

  • At 11/11/05 07:27, Blogger Kalyn said…

    I am guessing (and this is a total guess) some kind of red curry with greens of some type. Am I even close?
    By the way, those of us who have been through jet-lag will understand completely if you take a few days off.

  • At 11/11/05 07:50, Blogger Rachael said…

    Wait! Wait! I know! I know! It'' was...delicious!

    Is that right?


  • At 11/11/05 09:13, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    It's not Salt Lumps, is it?

  • At 11/11/05 09:53, Anonymous Brett said…

    I see morels, peas, carrots, zucchini (usual jardinière accompaniments), parsley, cream, and some porky looking bits... ham? bacon? pig's feet? (and a messy schmear on the side of the plate - love that you didn't wipe that off). Have a good flight. Hope you packed some nice food - nothing better than a gourmet picnic on a plane.

  • At 11/11/05 11:13, Blogger Elvira said…

    Boeuf-carottes aux lardons...?

  • At 11/11/05 11:42, Anonymous frederique said…

    fricassée de potiron et petit pois à la pacetta !!!

  • At 11/11/05 14:55, Blogger Sam said…

    No ones guessed it yet.
    Keep trying.
    Meantime I'll be flying.

    (Stupid 2-leg flights with stopovers in Chicago)

  • At 11/11/05 16:36, Blogger Elise said…

    I would guess a creamy lobster stew with wild morel mushrooms, carrots, capers and parsley.

  • At 11/11/05 16:37, Blogger Elise said…

    Strike the capers, make that peas and zucchini

  • At 12/11/05 07:44, Blogger Michèle said…

    ok, I have no idea what that is but I want to play so Im going to make an uneducated guess. Coq au vin blanc? I know there are too many veggies in there for that, but its possible the chef was just eccentric right? Either way, it looks yummy. ;)

  • At 12/11/05 14:56, Blogger Sam said…

    Ris de Veau with Morels.


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