Friday, November 25, 2005

Don't be Green with Envy

Be Green With Kiwi

photograph picture of kiwi from a mystery bloggers garden

Fred is not a breakfast guy. Neither is he a fruit boy. But when I suggested he start his yesterday with a kiwi fruit, he surprised me by jumping at the opportunity. Not only that, he declared it to be super-juicy and absolutely delicious.

Of course it tasted good! It was, afterall, a gift from the garden of a well-known food blogger. Can you guess who?

Archive Alert! Today, take a look at Ian's stylin' Gingerbread Men.

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Don't be Green with Envy


  • At 25/11/05 09:29, Anonymous Tana said…


    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We're out of town...back tomorrow. We had Alaskan King crab, giant prawns, oysters, oyster shooters (with vodka and Thai herbs/spices), and sushi. It's the first time ever we have played hooky on Thanksgiving, but it needed to happen.

    Cheers, Sam!

  • At 25/11/05 12:39, Blogger J said…

    hi sam, i never thought i would say this about kiwis, but seen through your lens, they suddenly seem incredibly chic!

  • At 25/11/05 15:16, Blogger Elise said…

    Hi Sam,
    Those kiwis look great! You've found the perfect way to eat them, in their simply delicious goodness and in an egg cup. Glad to see they were well eaten.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and Fred!

  • At 25/11/05 23:58, Blogger deborah said…

    Great photograph Sam. Isn't it interesting how men can suprise us when we least expect it.

    I am still looking forward to the day The Boy doesnt scrunch his nose to something which isn't pizza!

  • At 26/11/05 12:51, Blogger Sam said…

    tana - sounds like you had a delicious thanksgiving, and playing hooky is good - we did it last year - but since we have no family here its not like really running away.

    J - I guess I lucked out cos my eggcups are kiwi-green, just by chance!

    Elise - you've let the cat out of the bag now. I am still looking forward to the others which still arent quite ripe enough yet. We have used up all the apples. You will read about that on monday.

    Saffron - you have to admit - there is something to be said for good pizza though !

  • At 28/11/05 04:33, Blogger David said…

    I just bought some kiwis...yes, I'm someone who actually likes them too, and thought it was time to write something about them (Kiwi-Blogging Thursday anyone?) then I saw your post, which did them justice.

  • At 28/11/05 11:57, Blogger Sam said…

    david - you could still do that and it would give me an excuse to make my favourite kiwi recipe!


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