Sunday, October 30, 2005

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Happy Hallowe'en Memories

This time last year Rollergirl Clowdy arranged a Halloween Taco Crawl in San Francisco's Mission District. Costume was mandatory (if you didn't want food thrown at you) and it was so much fun, we were hoping this would become a yearly event. Alas, there wasn't a crawl this year but Clowdy has a different plan up her sleeve for December instead. Pictures speak louder than words, sometimes, so here follows the photographic comic strip description of last year's Halloween food, drinks, frivolity and fun...

taco map
Click to unfold the Taco Map and see the Taco Crawl Route.

zeitgeist candy
clowdy street
yucatan accordian girl
yucatan nosh yuc food
sam fred accordian girl
yucatan food close up
sangria finished
street alegro
margherita cancun
queue cheese
slop nachos
tostada ceviche ceiling
mission bar
pool taq
The yummiest quesadilla ever.

Zeitgeist 199 Valencia St (415) 255-7505
Mi Lindo Yucatan 401 Valencia Street (415) 861 4935
Puerto Alegre 546 Valencia ( (415)626-2922
Taqueria Cancun 2288 Mission St (415) 252-9560
La Taqueria 2889 Mission St (415) 285-7117

PS. That's all for now. We are off to catch our plane to Dublin. We hope we'll have a chance to post about our European travels whilst we're on the road. See you all soon...

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From the Archive: My favourite Post of 2004


  • At 30/10/05 08:23, Blogger J said…

    terrific post!...i haven't had a proper quesadilla in ages...happy holidays!

  • At 30/10/05 14:36, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    Yeah Mi Lindo Yucatan!! I could live on that posole stew!

    But wait, where's your costume?

  • At 1/11/05 13:57, Anonymous Beth said…

    That looks like such a fun evening! And I say YUM! to that quesadilla.


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