Sunday, August 28, 2005

Grilled Cheese Tease

What is This?

mystery photograph picture

This is a twist on a classic British recipe. Do you know what it is called?
Can you guess whose recipe I used? (Clue: she is the matriarch of British Celebrity Chefs.)
Trust the Brits to put alcohol in their Grilled Cheese: do you know what type of booze they use?

All will be revealed on Wednesday, hopefully in Dr Seuss style.

Locavores August Eat Local Challenge 2005

Archive Alert! On this day in 2004 we made a return visit to the restaurant, Chaya on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

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Grilled Cheese Tease


  • At 28/8/05 12:24, Anonymous Chubby said…

    As a rabbit who spent time in a British hutch, I'll give it a go... Could it be Welsh Rarebit (thankfully no rabbits are harmed in the making of this dish) with porter by Delia Smith?

  • At 28/8/05 12:44, Anonymous Jeanne said…

    Welsh rabbit and is it a recipe by sexy Nigella. Tho' Sam is as much so as she!

  • At 28/8/05 13:21, Blogger linda said…

    Welsh rarebit...
    Delia Smith..

  • At 28/8/05 14:28, Blogger boo_licious said…

    You must be "doing a delia"!

  • At 28/8/05 14:31, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Welsh Rabbit or rarebit, I'm guessing this is the version with sage and onions

    Delia Smith, "queen of cuisine" (OBE, thank you very much!) Nigella may be a mother but she's no matriarch

    Brown Ale

    and may I add your photo is waaaay better than hers, perhaps your version is tastier too?

    There is a very funny article at the Indendent about the battle of rabbit versus rarebit...curious to know where you weigh in.

  • At 28/8/05 17:15, Blogger Ana said…

    Well Sam, I was feeling so smug because I zeroed in on the Welsh Rarebit. Just about everybody did too.

    Concerning the booze, I have a vague idea that it might be beer. My mother has a recipe for Welsh Rarebit in her book, probably collected from friends in South Africa or Rhodesia, but her recipe has no booze,so I'm stumped!

  • At 28/8/05 20:24, Anonymous Tana said…

    You am Sam. That you am.

    I was going to guess Benny Hill and an entire truckle (heh) of ale, but what do I know?

    Do you know that if you say "What do I know" quickly, it comes out "Whatta wino."

    Thanks for linking to the "Cook Sister" site. She's new to me. Fun!

  • At 29/8/05 00:00, Blogger Melissa said…

    Hey Sam,
    Delia is TOO obvious! Nigella is too new to the C.C. scene.
    I think it might be Fanny Cradock......with a sage and onion twist! (beer and mustard somewhere in the mixture of course!)

  • At 29/8/05 00:34, Blogger Melissa said…

    Can I guess one more time?
    From whatever side of the pond you are is either Fanny OR Julia.

  • At 29/8/05 14:35, Blogger Owen said…

    Welsh Rabbit (though it has funny green things in it - how can that be?)

    Dame=Delia but it would be lots of fun if it were: Elizabeth David or Jane Grigson or Mrs Beeton or even funnier if Barabara Woodhouse!

    Additional alcohol MUST be an ale but I would try cider myself - a real rough old scrumpy...

  • At 30/8/05 02:50, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    Ah yes Norwich City Football Club's greatest benefactor and is there a spike of voddie in that wabbit?

  • At 30/8/05 08:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oWelsh rarebit


  • At 30/8/05 08:14, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oops, also meant to say Delia Smith
    so here we go again

    welsh rarebit
    delia smith



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