Friday, July 22, 2005

Famous for 5 minutes

Fancy being a Restaurant Critic? Want to be on TV? Live in the Bay Area? Love restaurants that are off the beaten path? Know of an interesting locale or cuisine? Then read on...
photograph picture of mystery location in San Francisco
(Local food lovers might be able to guess where this photo was taken)

KQED are looking for participants for a new local TV show called Check, Please! in which Bay Area residents will discuss their dining experiences in a lively television roundtable.

If you have a favorite Bay Area eatery (restaurant, supper club, diner, lunch café) that you would like to review on a future show, head straight here and complete the application form.

Fill in the application carefully, the more expressive and articulate you are on the entry form, the more likely it is you'll be considered as a guest. They also love hearing about those restaurants that are off the beaten path - the more interesting the locale or cuisine, the better, so bear that in mind too.

It would be great if some of our readers ended up on this show. Be sure to let us all know if you get selected!

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Famous for 5 minutes


  • At 22/7/05 08:57, Anonymous sarah said…

    LOL! i was wondering how long it would take for LA or SF to adopt that away from chicago :)

    (btw, i almost named dine&dish checkplease ;) )

  • At 22/7/05 09:27, Blogger Joy said…

    Have they fixed the bug? I was trying to do this a few days ago and couldn't get my form to go through...Wendy said she'd e-mail me when it's fixed. I'm going to try again over the weekend if I get a minute (in-laws are in town).

  • At 22/7/05 11:30, Blogger Stephanie said…

    Wishing (again) I was back in the Bay area...I miss Isobune, Olivetto, Great Wall...sigh. So many good places.

  • At 22/7/05 14:20, Anonymous del4yo said…


    Last time I was interviewed my dear friends taped it and passed it reversed with the sound...Then they laugehd about it for at least 3 years!

    Thank you, not for me.But I swear I'll find a TV to see you if you're interviewed...

  • At 22/7/05 15:06, Blogger cedichou said…


    Wendy told me that it was a word count issue. So if you keep your comments short (which contradicts the 'write a detailed review' instructions...) it should go in. How much is the word limit I don't know.

  • At 23/7/05 13:50, Blogger Sam said…

    BTW - I am absolutely not going to enter this myself. For starters, I have already had much more than my fair share of TV fame. For seconds, I don't want restaurants to start recognising me, and for thirds - TV adds too many inches, especially in wide screen!


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