Sunday, May 22, 2005

Slammed - San Francisco Restaurant Critics

If you have 30 minutes to spare and somewhat of an obsessive interest in Bay Area food writing, check out Phillip Innes' Critical Analaysis of Bay Area Restaurant Critics on the Slammed website. Slammed is the restaurant business magazine that describes itself as a juggernaut with a heart.

I know I should be more careful, but I almost wish Mr Innes would pen an equivalent article about Blog food writers too. Although terrified at the prospect of him ripping my restaurant critiques to shreds, at the same time I think I would benefit from some feedback. It would certainly be cheaper than signing up for a food writing course.

Thanks to Ced for bringing this piece to my attention.

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Slammed - San Francisco Restaurant Critics


  • At 22/5/05 12:36, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Interesting. I read that piece about a year ago on the site when it was written anonymously. I wonder what prompted the author to "out himself"? It was discussed quite a bit on eGullet

  • At 22/5/05 12:58, Blogger Sam said…

    Amy - I think this article is an updated version of last years? Thanks for the egullet link. I will check it out. I usually get so lost on egullet, so I have to thank you for the direct link!

  • At 22/5/05 22:10, Blogger cedichou said…

    I haven't figured out if it is an update, or the magazine piece was an abridged version. On my blog, I wrote it as an update. The reason being: in the longer piece, there is a comment about Brody's 'on line stalkers', and I assumed it meant people (not me!) might have pointed out to the author that he was dead wrong about her. But on second thought, he may have googled her when writing the piece, and found the stalkers at that time.


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