Saturday, May 28, 2005

Seeking Sun

San Francisco couple require relaxing break, away from it all, for Memorial Day Weekend. Computer-free environment preferred. Bonus if no blogging is involved. Dining with a female chef is a consideration, but not obligatory.
Seeking Sun


  • At 29/5/05 17:24, Blogger Lady Amalthea said…

    I hope you find someplace sufficiently warm and relaxing. You deserve it!

  • At 29/5/05 22:40, Blogger Michele said…

    I hope you are having (or rather had by the time you read this) a glorious weekend.

  • At 30/5/05 00:12, Anonymous Wendy said…

    I recommend the Olema Inn near Point Reyes..a nice escape, good wine, great staff, and I've never been disappointed with the food.

    By the way - I just checked out Voda Lounge this weekend after finding it on your blog site. Great place!


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