Thursday, May 05, 2005

A little English Pea Pride

When I first met Fred, I was too scared to cook for him for ar least a month. Maybe even longer. He's French, I am English and his country's food reputation knocks my beloved England's for six. It was a matter of National Pride, therefore, that when I entered the second edition of the very professional and organised French Food Meme Blog Appetit that I should create something that would at least hold its own alongside all of the French entries.

photograph picture of the Blog Appetit #2 logo

Blog Appetit is a little different to all the other food memes in that they actually enlist a professional chef to join in, making his own dish on the same theme as everyone else. After all of the recipe posts have been published, they are reviewed by the same chef. It is actually quite exciting to think that the twice Michelin-starred Thierry Marx and his staff actually read through my recipe for Sucettes d'Agneau aux Epices et Lassi Vert. What was even more exciting, however, was that he said about it:
"Cette recette a retenu le plus mon attention, aussi bien pour son aspect graphique que pour le goût."
Roughly translated, I think Monsieur Marx is saying that My entry caught his attention the most, and that it was also good for its look and its taste.

I can't begin to tell you proud this made me feel. I really am so honoured. Merci Blog Appetit! I hope I will be able to enter the next one, to be announced soon, too.

You can read Thierry Marx's report on the entries here. If you need a translator, try Babelfish.

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(And because Fred can sometimes be quite dismissive about about my National Cuisine, in jest, I just couldn't help throwing a little Soccer-inspired sentence in his direction... England 1, France 0)
A little English Pea Pride


  • At 5/5/05 09:40, Blogger Ana said…

    Congratulations Sam. I read Thierry's comments yesterday. Your entry was really original. And also Patrick Chazallet chose wines for each recipe. Can you imagine? Even my poor little soup had a wine selected.

  • At 5/5/05 12:19, Blogger Owen said…

    congratulations Sam! I really liked your presentation too.

    I couldn't bring myself to enter - my French just isn't good enough. I actually had a lovely bit of lamb and some fresh english peas ready to go and chickened out at the last minute

  • At 5/5/05 17:03, Blogger Estelle said…

    Bravo! This is a great recognition, especially since your entry was so creative. I really liked the idea that you had fun with the ingredients, and it's even better that a French chef appreciated that.


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