Monday, April 11, 2005

Which Food Planet is this from?

Our housewarming dinner party was very successful last night, even though nobody really liked the English Champagne during our blind tasting of some sparkling wines. [More on that, and the menu, another day].

See if you can guess one of the dinner dishes I served from these two pictures of it in the process of being made.

photograph picture of the tarka dhal indian cooking recipes

photograph picture of the tarka dhal indian cooking recipes recipes

I made no fewer than 9 different dishes and my inconsiderate guests didn't even leave me any leftovers for lunch:) One of them even took the leg of lamb bone home with him, to gnaw on further in private! (I have some great pictures of him caught in the act but I think I would be minced meat if I posted the evidence on this blog). I think everyone had a fun evening, even though I don't think any of us will be rushing to drink English Champagne, again, any time soon.

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Which Food Planet is this from?


  • At 11/4/05 18:08, Blogger Owen said…

    OK - I'm going with a lentil soup of some kind - maybe even a tarka dahl.

  • At 12/4/05 04:42, Blogger Zarah Maria said…

    I agree with Owen - but that's only because when you put your cursor on the picture, the title of the photograph pops up... Sorry Sam!:-)

  • At 12/4/05 04:43, Blogger Zarah Maria said…

    They sure are gorgeous pictures btw! Love the colors...

  • At 12/4/05 07:15, Blogger Sam said…

    Yes its Tarka Dahl, well done Owen. Zarah Maria - however you find the answer is fine by me, not everyone notices these little shortcuts :) On my machine though,(mozilla) it only shows the file name, you must be noticing my image tag too.
    As I began to cook the Dahl the light was streaming through the window so the yellow tumeric looked even more vivid than usual.
    The meal I cooked on Sunday was Indian. Dishes included stuffed potatoes & aubergines, chicken tikka marsala, prawn & coconut curry, roast lamb, raitas, cauliflower & okra kashmiri and of course the dahl. At serving time I was too busy to take any pictures but I have made and blogged the dhal before. This is what the finished result looks like.


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