Friday, April 01, 2005

Very Fast Pizza or Something More Sexy?

My friend Tim (don't forget about him, girls), sent me a news story yesterday that I would like to share with you. In Winsconsin, one bright spark has come up with the idea of superfast pizza delivery. Just how do they deliver hot fresh pizzas to your door in less than 30 minutes? In a mobile pizza-cooking kitchen, that's how. Read the full story here

I don't know about Americas, but Europeans reminiscing about their childhoods may recall the craze of multi coloured, candy necklaces. I think I was one of those kids with limited willpower who would gobble up the sweets as quickly as I could. Other kids would suck on their candies slowly, causing their necks to turn into a sticky mess of rainbow colours. Imagine, then, what lack of willpower and adult fun you could have with one of these Candy Bras.

Maybe you could wear one on your first date with Tim?
Very Fast Pizza or Something More Sexy?


  • At 1/4/05 09:04, Blogger drbiggles said…

    They say one size fits all, I find that hard to believe. I suppose it doesn't really matter, eh?

  • At 1/4/05 09:53, Anonymous del4yo said…

    Do they make a push up model, too?

    Happy April's Fool Day!

  • At 2/4/05 14:50, Blogger molly said…

    One size certainly does not fit all, but who wants to eat a 36D cup full of that candy???

  • At 2/4/05 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We gave a friend the candy g-string for her birthday. They were very entertained that weekend.


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