Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Indian Essence

My India, Curry & Spice Week must come to an end. Those of you who can count will know it has lasted about eleven days. I didn't realise when I started, quite how much material I had. Last week I was asking for Indian recipe book recommendations and I would like to thank everyone who offered suggestions via email and in the comments section of this blog. I will be weighing them up for my next purchase.

photograph picture of the recipe book indian essence by Atul Kochhar

In the meantime my copy of Indian Essence arrived from Amazon. The author, Atul Kochhar, was one of the only two Indian chefs to have been awarded a Michelin Star. He achieved this honour whilst he was head chef at Tamarind restaurant in London. I chose this book because I wanted to try out some traditional recipes with a modern twist. In the future I'll let you know how I get on.

Because of my Indian themed series, I also missed out on my Bay Blogger of the Week feature last weekend. I was hoping to find an Indian food blog I could highlight but the pickings were slim. Instead, I have been keeping note of all of the blogs and posts that fitted in with my theme over the last week and a half. Now, as a way of drawing this subject to a close, I would like to share my findings with all of you. Here are the links to more Indian Essence:

Route 79 is a London-based blog that has a great section of Indian recipes with informative pictures. Check out this recipe for mint sauce.

My friend Amy has been India-inspired a couple of times this week. First she reviewed a ready-made Madras Curry Sauce and then she made a Frozen Mango Lassi.

On April 21st, one of my favourite Chef blogs, Knife's Edge posted a piece where he wondered why he nearly always goes vegetarian when eating Indian food.

Sarah at the The Delicious Life ate an Indian dinner out in Los Angeles. Read her review of the All India Cafe here. Whilst you are over at Sarah's, don't forget that tomorrow is the deadline for her brand new Dining Out meme with a "Bar Fly" theme.

Nupur, living in New York, is an Indian Food Blogger I have recently discovered. Check her out at One Hot Stove. I can't wait to catch up on more of her posts about Indian cooking.

Do you read Culiblog? You certainly should, she has a fresh perspective on everything food. She is just back from a trip to India so her blog is teeming with posts on the subject. She kindly set up a Dehli Nomadic Banquet category, so you can view all of her posts on the subject in one place. Fascinating stuff.

Back in the kitchen, here are some Indian-influenced recipes other food bloggers have been creating this week. Kitchen Chick gives us Orange Halva. The Green Jackfruit made a delicious-looking egg curry. I Like to Do Stuff cooked Butter Chicken and Tigers & Strawberries made Vindaloo whilst Grab Your Fork created one of my all-time favourites, Tarka Dhal.

Indian Curry and Spice Week logo

That's it for India, Curry & Spice Week, folks. We hope you enjoyed the sprinkling of spice at Becks & Posh. We hope it won't be the last you'll see of us getting hot in the kitchen.

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Indian Essence


  • At 24/5/05 06:35, Anonymous deccanheffalump said…

    Check out for a blog on Indian food.

  • At 26/5/05 19:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That site is pretty much a blog of Indian recipes, they've been updating it like every day that i've seen, even tho it says updated weekly

  • At 24/6/05 14:36, Blogger U.V. Subba Rao said…

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  • At 24/6/05 14:38, Blogger U.V. Subba Rao said…

    I've just started a blog where I post recipies that I'm compiling for a cookbook. I'll be adding two recipes a week. The recipes are from the Andhra region (very authentic).

  • At 11/5/06 04:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Check out this site.You may find it useful.


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