Friday, February 25, 2005

To keep you occupied, whilst we are gone...

No cooking for us this weekend - we are moving house. It's unlikely we'll have internet access for a few days, so until we are back online, we'll leave you with a little food quiz. Please bear with us, we'll be back very soon to bombard you with all sorts of new posts about your favourite subject, food!

1- what is the name of the style of pasta used in this dish and how does it translate from Italian into English?

Orrechietti - little ears

2- What is this?

It's a Petit Suisse

3- Which teahouse, in which city?

Laduree, Paris.

4- A trick question? What do the French call this?

It's not a croquembouche, it's a Piece Monte

5- The general, common, slang name for this type of dish, in English, is?

Bangers'n'Mash innit?!

6- Where are we?

Cafe Bastille, Belden Alley, San Francisco.

7- With which free photo managing software can you achieve an effect like this one quickly and easily?


8- What are these cookies called? Bonus point for knowing their less illustrious sounding British schoolkid nickname.

Garibaldis or "Squashed Flies"

9- What is this hot chocolate making device called?

Its a called a Suckao

10- Food from the gods? An American's name?


11- What type of cookie is this one?

Peanut Butter.

12- In which vibrant San Francisco district were these pictures taken?

The Mission

13- Which famous cookbook did I use to make this recipe?

The French Laundry Cookbook

14- What do you think these are?

Mini Yorkshire Puddings, yum!

15- How did I achieve the lighting effect in this photo of Turkish Delight?

The answer to this may be forthcoming, or maybe I'll just leave it "magical" as one commentor suggested I should. We'll see... thanks for playing everyone!

There are no prizes, it's just a bit of fun. Leave any guesses you have in the Comments section. I'll publish the correct answers when we resurface from under a pile of boxes. See you next week!
To keep you occupied, whilst we are gone...


  • At 25/2/05 12:46, Blogger Beccy said…

    Bangers and mash
    Garibaldis better known as squashed flies
    peanut butter cookies
    mini yorkshire puddings

  • At 25/2/05 13:58, Blogger drbiggles said…

    HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA, crud. I din't get one of 'em. Sorry. I never been to a tea house and I've forgotten all my French. I took 5 years worth in High School, all gone. Oh wait, I know Mauviel. I had a horrible lunch and it's affecting my brain.


  • At 25/2/05 14:51, Blogger LeeLoreya said…

    1/ orechiette, little ears
    2/ homemade ricotta? mozzarella?
    3/ uhm, not good at locations... The Savoy in London?
    4/ Croque en bouche! or is it Croquembouche?
    5/ oh, bad memory though I read it in le Routard tourist guide... mash and...?"peasant grub"?
    6/ France! (crepes, steak frites, haricots verts...) Bretagne?Paris?Or perhaps you're fooling us and it's actually SF... tricky tricky.
    7/ picasa?
    8/ chocolate snaps? "snort cookies"?
    9/ the Candle and the Deep Reaching Spoon Hot Chocolate Cooking technique?
    10/ Fluff Candy? Coconut Balls on a Leaf?
    11/ Shortbread?
    12/ The Mission District : haha, nice working with archives, that was a recent post!
    13/ The Ultimate Guide to Odd Looking Sushi? Carpaccio in Nori Leaves with Pine Nuts: Fusion Food Step by Step?
    14/ Cornbread Muffins!
    15/ Don't tell, it's supposed to be magical.

  • At 25/2/05 15:07, Anonymous ExtraMSG said…

    Since others have been mostly handled, I'll take a stab at the last one: lit from underneath on a glass table with a narrow light.

  • At 25/2/05 16:57, Blogger megwoo said…

    I'm stumped on number two and I'm dying to know what it is. It looks like it's either rolled in sugar or salt. Maybe a homemade marshmallow??

  • At 25/2/05 19:36, Anonymous Arlene said…

    i went back in your archives but didn't try too hard:
    3. Laduree, Paris
    4. Piece Monte
    5. Bangers'n'Mash
    6 Ti Couz
    7 Picasa
    8 Garilbadis Classic British Biscuit, Squashed flies
    9 Suckao
    11 peanut butter cookies
    12. Mission District, SF
    13 The French Laundry cookbook

  • At 26/2/05 02:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1 orechiette
    2 petit suise rolled in sugar (my advice: take 2 of those. unwrap them in your plate and put them back on their base so that you see the lovely grid pattern, then childishly make a well by pressing your spoon on top and fill with sugar then mix and finally lick your plate. If you feel develish, add some slices of banana)
    3 Laduree sur les Champs-Elysees
    4 une piece montee or croquembouche
    6 heaven, you're in heaveeeeen. Bretagne? given the light you're sitting at the window or outside a small inexpensive (hint: salt and pepper) yet quite good restaurant in Calais, Dover perhaps??
    14 saffron mini muffins?

  • At 27/2/05 06:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1 Tortellini
    2 from Village imnports poss gryuere cheese or petite suisse ?/
    3 Laduree Paris
    4 Piece Morte
    5 Bangers and mash( easy for Brits)
    6 Same place as you took photo of cafe table on your other blog.
    8Garribaldi =squashed flies
    9suckao bought in sydney
    10 Divinity
    11 Peanut butter
    12 Mission
    13 French laundry Cookbook
    14 mini yorkshire puddings
    15 candle light poss t-light. Mum


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