Thursday, February 10, 2005

That darned Meme - Music in My Kitchen

I only just learnt what a Meme was about a week ago, from Ronald who is a finalist in the Meme section of the 2005 Bloggies for his fabulous IMBB site. No sooner did I know what it was than I was hit by one. Queen of Seattle, Viv tagged me first, closely followed by the curious and intriguing little "effer" Alicat.

In our domain Fred is controller of the Music. We live in a loft. There is absolutely NO separation. He is totally OBSESSED with music and sound. If you are interested in what makes him tick, read the story of how we came to get his JBL speakers here . It's a nice little story and one that makes Fred quite happy.

Anyway - onto the Meme...
First, you want to know the total number of music files on my computer?
C'mon - that's just BORING. You don't care in the slightest. Nor do I, so I am not even going to look.

Second, what was the last CD I bought?

Well, I actually bought three at the same time. I don't recall which one went through the cash register last. So, take your pick from:
The Thievery Corporation - The Outernational Sound
Saint Germain des-Pres Cafe - The finest nu-jazz compilation
Cafe del Mar - The Best of compiled by Jose Padilla.
Look: 2 out of 3 had the word "Cafe" in them, can you tell I am a Food blogger?

What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
Dance Naked Under Palm Trees.

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
1) The first is actually an album. It's Called Music to Make Love By . It has been my favourite album for about 6 months. I have even been known to approach complete strangers in Virgin and insist that they buy it. And when you are not making love, it's great to cook to too.
2) Tonight by Elton John. When Fred played it for me on his JBL speakers for the first time I could barely speak. I was overcome with emotion. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. One of the greatest piano intros ever.
3) Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie. It changed my life over a family Sunday lunch in 1980.
4) Wild is the Wind. Also David Bowie. The most romantic song ever. It almost reduces me to tears every time I hear it.
5) Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes. Produced by Trevor Horn. Need I say any more?

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
1) Ced . I am sorry Ced, don't do it if you don't want to, but I was kind of wondering if you like M and Serge Gainsbourg and Carla Bruni like we do. Oh shit. Maybe I should have included "Quelqu'un m'a dit" as one of my favourite songs. I really do like that one.

2) Devon Dumpling. Dumpling? who is she kidding? She is as thin as a rake! Plus, she hasn't given us a post in way too long.

3) Del because she sees the world through such beautiful eyes. I want to know what her world sounds like too.
That darned Meme - Music in My Kitchen


  • At 11/2/05 01:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Fabulous choices Sam! We have so many in common too! Dance Naked Under Palm Trees is such a perfect chilling tune. Carla Bruni, Thievery Corporation (The Richest Man in Babylon & Lebanese Blonde are favorites of mine) and The Best of Café del Mar (all on my Play list) get so much play around these parts that I am afraid I'll burn the disks to oblivion so I made back-up copies to keep in my car. By the by, if you guys do not have Jane Birkin's Arabesque, you need to ASAP! :-) Viv

  • At 11/2/05 01:45, Blogger cedichou said…


    I just replied to your challenge and the extra bonus question. I haven't been in my kitchen in a while though, work has been feeding me lately. I am afraid you lost a third of your offsprings tree by picking me, though, I'll pass on propagating it.

  • At 11/2/05 07:28, Blogger Sam said…

    Glad you liked my choice. I must admit I read quite a few food blggers answers and they left me completely cold. So I am glad my choie was talking to someone out there.

    Ced - Absolutely no problem about being a party pooper - I was only a whisker away from being one myself.

    BTW - my French friends often compare me to Jane Birkin - they make speak some French and then they are all :"ah she sounds like Jane Birkin" I am not complaining about this comparison, it is infinitely flattering.

  • At 11/2/05 09:08, Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said…

    Ooooh... see, I thought this was a hard meme.

    All the Cafe Del Mar albums (along with several Naked Music albums, EBTG and Thievery) are in permanent rotation on the server.

    Problem is, the meme didn't ask about what you listen to all the time.

    I think we'd have seen a lot of different answers if the questions were worded differently.

    Having said that, do you own King Kooba's Indian Summer? If not, you need to... If I Could oozes more sexy than you know what to do with

  • At 11/2/05 10:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's so interesting to see what everyone is into and how different music tastes are. Good call with Thievery Corp, I'm a fan of their, and K& D, and the Back to Mine and Another Late Night collections.

    I must check out Music to Make Love To, for research purposes, of course.

    ~Molly N.

  • At 11/2/05 16:32, Blogger Kitchen Monkey said…

    It's as though a music virus has struck the food blog community! But seriously, I have been an enormous Bowie fan for, well, about 23 years now (my first album was Never Let Me Down! Ha!) and I have to say I was thrilled to see that someone appreciates Wild is the Wind. Far too often overlooked.

    I should add that right now I'm listening to a new band called Kings of Convenience, and given your other tastes in music, you might well like them. They're goooooood.

  • At 11/2/05 19:39, Blogger Sam said…

    Kitchen monkey - i beat you! 25 years a bowie fan, me. Although I hardly listen to him these days, I think Wild is the Wind is my absolute favourite song of all time. One of these days I will post a (retrospective) picture, on my blog, of my 16th birthday david bowie birthday cake. I have to get my mum to send it to me from England, first.

    Molly - it is interesting - but this meme only gives you the opportunity to present a tiny fraction of what you like - as Fatemeh said. The ensuing conversations are far more interesting!

  • At 11/2/05 21:51, Blogger Del4yo said…

    Took me a while and some research to find What is actually a Meme...

    I'll do it this week-end.

    And by the way, you've got beautiful eyes too :P


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