Friday, January 21, 2005

Goodies in the Mail

When I got home from work yesterday I had two exciting food-related gifts waiting for me in my mail box. For Christmas my dad had kindly sent me a year's subscription to the beautiful Australian food magazine by Donna Hay. Oz, being somewhere in another hemisphere, is languishing in hotter weather than what we are experiencing here in San Francisco, hence, my first magazine is the Summer edition. But a Californian Summer will come soon enough and in the meantime I can pour over the beautiful photographs, plotting which recipes I'll try once the sun decides to come out. Thanks dad!

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The second parcel, contained two of the cutest little boxes of Ready Brek. They were sent to me by Stella over at Stella Bites. When I left a comment on one of her posts last year, admitting I missed my Ready Brek, she told me she knew where to get some in the US and promptly mailed them to me. Thank you Stella!
If you are old enough and British enough, you'll understand when I tell you that a bowlful of this for breakfast will protect me with a cozy little toasty glow for several hours. There will be no more chilling my arse off as Fred drives me to work with the top down on the car. Yes, year-round windswept hairdos are all the rage in our household (unless, of course, its raining)!
Goodies in the Mail


  • At 21/1/05 10:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dads been having a senior moment and was wondering if he sent you a Christmas pressie. So you could get something else!!!!

  • At 21/1/05 10:17, Blogger Sam said…

    I'll only get away with it if you don't show him this post :)

  • At 21/1/05 12:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hiya Sam,

    I can definitely understand why you would miss Ready Brek, especially before a chilly commute. But, could you explain the fondness of Brits for Weetabix? I've stood in the aisle at Sainsbury's before and watched people walk up and grab three or four boxes at a time! Any insights?


  • At 21/1/05 15:12, Blogger Gretchen said…

    Just wanted to pop in and say "hey!" Thanks for visiting my site! :)

  • At 21/1/05 20:40, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Moira
    Well I grew up on weetabix. It's not that I don't like it, I do, but I just prefer Shreddies, rice krispies, frosties and cornflakes.
    You can buy here in CA at Trader Joes btw.
    Anyway - when I was a kid we had our milk delivered by the milkman, in bottles. he left it on the doorstep. No one cared about low fat anything back then. It used to be a fight at breakfast time to see who would arrive at the exact time when a new bottle of milk would be opened. Then, you see, you'd get the cream off the top of the milk on your cereal. This even makes Weetabix taste good, believe me, especially with a sprinkling of white ranulated sugar!
    SOmetimes, when my mum was working nights we'd stay at a neighbours. She gave us weetabix (dry like a biscuit), with thick slabs of butter spread on top, Umm, it's quite delicious, of you dare to try it. My mum thought we were a bit odd when we got home and demanded "please can we have weetabix with butter on!"
    Some people put hot milk on their weetabix. Frankly, I think that's enough to put anyone off it for life!

    Muppet - and thank YOU for stopping by mine, too!

  • At 22/1/05 00:55, Blogger Niki said…

    I'm an Aussie and I can't understand the Weetbix thing either. They're incredibly popular here, especially with teenage boys who'll eat an afternoon snack of ap to 10 weetbix AT ONCE! In fact, there was an TV ad featuring an triathlete who boasted how he ate 14 weetbix for breakfast every morning. A pretty expensive habit, I think!
    And yes, Donna Hay is pretty incredible. I love the photography. It took me ages to discover she was Australian though; very little is made of it over here. I always assumed she was British. (Now Jill Dupleix, food editor of The Times, really is Australian, despite so many Brits thinking she's one of their own. We would like her back, thank you very much! :-) )

  • At 22/1/05 04:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ready Brek is a classic product and there's a source here in Saigon. However, if it's real Brit nosh you're missing, I strongly suggest you visit this guy:

    Classy blog.


  • At 23/1/05 22:47, Blogger Sam said…

    Esurient - yes I really love Donna Hay's photgraphy. It's the best! Your photography is pretty good too. Loving your blog!

    Noodlepie - thanks for the english breakfast link. It made me home sick!!!


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