Friday, January 14, 2005

Food Picture of the Day

Preparing for dinner. Belden Place, in San Francisco's European Quarter, where terrace dining is de rigeur all year round. In this picture, one of the staff from the Italian restaurant, Cafe Tiramisu, sets the patio tables, ready for the evening rush.

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Food Picture of the Day


  • At 14/1/05 09:06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam,

    Fantastic shot! I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying it immensely. I have to say that I'm quite envious of your new Kitchenaid, too. I've had my standard-issue white workhorse for the last ten years and it shows no signs of slowing down. If it were, I'd be gunning for a brightly coloured one like yours. Ah, well- someday.

    Moira (

    P.S. Funny enough, I'm your opposite- an American living in England. Do you miss anything in particular that I can send to you?

  • At 14/1/05 15:16, Blogger Hoff said…

    Ah, Belden - great place for food!
    I just finished blogging Little Star Pizza; you'll have to see what you think. Though how you can't enjoy deep dish, I've no understanding. :)
    BTW - just learned you work in the same company as a friend of mine, though he doesn't think you know him (he's in MoCap). Nifty.

  • At 14/1/05 19:13, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Moira
    I am glad you are enjoying the site, it's funny but a lot of food bloggers seem to be transplanted across the world, away from their home towns. I look forward to reading you English food blog from an American perspective

    Mr Hoff Sibilous - thanks for the report, I showed it to my friend Gibby, who is urging me constantly to give Little Star a try. He liked your review very much. He said (and I quote) "this person is oberservant, lol! i have to agree with almost everything the person said... good review..."
    I think I'll try the thin crust when I get round to visiting, just for a different perspective, of course.

  • At 19/6/06 20:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice pic. God I love Belden Place, even what appears to be a not so sunny kind of day when you took that shot.



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