Friday, December 24, 2004

Sending Holiday Greetings to Europe

Ever wondered where the picture I use in my Blog's header and footer came from? What do you mean, NO?! Well, am going to bore you with the details anyway. Fred and I spent some time in Paris during the summer to celebrate his 40th birthday which he conveniently shares with Bastille celebrations.


The day after we arrived in the French Capital, somewhere during our aimless meandering through the Paris Streets, I stumbled upon a little shop filled with the most exotically prepared and beautiful looking foodstuffs. I didn't want to eat any of them, mind you, I just wanted to gobble up the display with my eyes. I just had to take a picture of the wonderful tomaaahtoes. Here they are, before I cropped them and pinkified them to use as the face of my blog.

Fred's friends and family will start their Christmas celebrations very shortly as they indulge in their main dinner on Christmas Eve. Bon Noel to them in Paris. On my side, the English will feast on Turkey, Brussel Sprouts, Christmas Pudding and Mince pies (four of my own, personal, all-time, top, most-detested foodstuffs) at lunchtime on Christmas Day. My sister, in Ireland will probably doing the same thing in Dublin with her husband and three kids. Merry Christmas to all of them too.

As for us, we are going to have friends round for dinner on Christmas Day. Shortly I am going to pick up meat from the butchers, live crabs, fresh bread and sushi-grade salmon, a process which will require me traveling to several different shops in San Francisco. After that I am going to be slaving away in the kitchen for quite some time. Best wishes to all my readers. Have a good one. I'll see you on the other side...

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Sending Holiday Greetings to Europe


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