Sunday, December 12, 2004

The First Annual Food Blog Awards

Kate at The Accidental Hedonist started a frenzy of excitement in the food blogging world earlier in the week when she announced she would be hosting Awards to celebrate and honour the best of the best in the food blogging world.

Many of the categories require that there have been 7 consecutive months worth of posts. As Becks & Posh is 7 months old today, it is now eligible for many of the categories that require some longevity of posting, in addition to the hotly contended Best New Blog category.

I was really amazed to have been nominated four times already for the Restaurant Reviews section by readers who I don't even know. That's you out there. Thank you so much. This confirmation of the fact that my efforts aren't going unappreciated made me feel most honoured.

Only the top 3-5 nominees in each category will be chosen to go ahead and participate in the voting process, so I am not sure if Becks & Posh will actually get as far as the finals. But as I started my blog with a restaurant post I though this might be a fitting moment to share, again, my two earliest posts, both of which were restaurant critiques.

The very first post, was a review of Sushi Groove South in San Francisco which involved a bottomless flask of hot sake.

The second post was a review of a small Sandwich Shop called Foodles , right next to my place of work in Marin. This post always seems to amuse people I work with, who happen to stumble across it online. They stop me in the corridors, sometimes, to make a point of letting me know how much I amused them with that, apparently fitting, description.

Becks & Posh has maybe become a little more sophisticated since those early days, so its humbling to recall the moment of Becks & Posh's conception, when I'd never ever read a food blog, or any blog for that matter and my target audience was just 7 people (five of my colleagues, my mum and Fred). How fast times change...

Please make sure all of the Food Blogs you read and love are being proposed as nominees by heading over to the Nominations site now to make your opinion heard about which sites deserve to go to the finals at the end of year.
The First Annual Food Blog Awards


  • At 13/12/04 07:30, Blogger Nic said…

    I don't think you should be surprised on the nominations for restaurant reviews - they're wonderful! I do think that you shoud check out some Berkeley or East bay locations, though: Eccolo, LaLime's, and Cafe Fanny are some of my favorites. Even Chez Panisse, though I wouldn't say it's my favorite. Venture out from the city (Not that I'm biased from having lived in Berkeley for some time now, or anything)!

  • At 13/12/04 09:15, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Nic
    you are right we should sometimes but there are so many places closer to home to try still too. We prefer not to drive as we like a glass of wine or two with dinner and it would be irresponsible to get into a car after that, hence we more normally go to places within cab distance.
    Having said that, I am longng to try Cafe Rouge sometime and the place that serves lots of duck dishes (I can't remember its name). Maybe we'll check out some East Bay places next year! Thanks for the tips and compliment.

  • At 16/12/04 13:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I went and looked at a few of the nominations. But didn't stick around to see how it will be judged. There are SO MANY well written, spiffy themed (meathenge) and with spiffy photographs that I believe many wonderful sites will be left out. As long as it's fun though, that's what counts.

    YES !!! Cafe Rouge! Roasted chickens, brined pork chops and and and and, well you get the idea. After that, go next door to Dona & Tomas' place and have another fine meal. Don't forget to have a cup of Blue Bottle coffee whilest yer there. Then walk across the street and have a breakfast at Bette's. After that go up and have a chicken & rib combo at Evrett & Jones BBQ. After all that food walk across the street and north a tad to see what The Spanish Table has going on. Maybe some Pebrella? I'm out, won't you pick me up a 4 oz bag?

    Biggles /

  • At 16/12/04 14:07, Blogger Sam said…

    Mr Biggles, so nice of you to stop by at last. I have tried leaving comments when it was commentless Of course it didnt work!
    I am excited, after reading your site so many times, that this week I may actually not be at work on Thursday so that I can at last check out the fatted calf at the market in the East Bay.
    Fingers crossed. And i might be able to combine it with a visit to Hangar One. Oh what joy.
    As for those food blog awards. At first I liked the idea, then saw it being hijacked by people I'd never heard of who seemed to have got all their friends to nominate them in inapproprate categories. Now I am right off the idea. I hope I don't get a nomination, because I am not sure I can handle the stress that it will ultimately entail.
    good luck (if you want it) in the theme section.

  • At 16/12/04 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I've been by a few times in the last few weeks. I'm attempting to get around to all the local blogs one by one to say HI and see what everyone is up to. Plus we need to look out for each other for local places to get our favorite things. Speaking of which, do what EVER it takes to visit the Fatted Calf before the markets close for the holidays. They've got the quail stuffed with sausage, get a few of those. If you can do Pate, get the Guinea Hen this week and NEVER leave without one of Taylor's cured meaty meats. Never. Please let them know that MeatHenge sent you, they like that. Oh and if you have any money left get a container of Sugo Di Carne. It's a meat sauce for pasta and stuff. It's easily the best I've EVER had. A combination of organic beef & pork with a blend of spices that cannot be improved upon. Add that to a can of diced organic maters and you're SET. You don't even have to add salt or pepper, it's that good. Heat for 20 minutes & serve. You go.
    If those awards are chosen by numbers of nominations I would think it's pretty darned pointless. One nomination and a small panel of judges, sure. Oh well.

    Biggles /

  • At 16/12/04 15:17, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks for the tips
    because of my Fench better half i am interested in the foie gras for christmas
    and the saucisson sec which he dreams about
    also we are rillettes fans
    and duck fans

    i wish their website had prices!!!


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