Tuesday, November 09, 2004

San Francisco Chowhound Picnic - Le Fin!

Picture of the Day # 28

I have just about exhausted my collection of Chowhound Picnic photographs for 2004. My last posting is a repeat, but there is a good reason, an addition and a little story. My friend Del, creator of the beautifully illustrated, San Francisco-based art blog Non Dairy Diary , was rather taken with the Arroz con Leche photograph. Jokingly I told her I could imagine it as the basis for an illustration, akin to her baked bean lemmings post of a few weeks earlier.

I also mentioned that I imagined the Arroz con Leche lemmings would be synchronized swimming. I am not sure why, the idea just popped into my head.
That evening Del went home and mentioned all of this to her boyfriend, Presd, who just happens to be the ex-roomate of my very own Fred. Well, that night, Presd had a dream that he and Fred were synchronized swimming. Despite all the beautiful, acrobatic moves they were making in the pool, Presd and Fred couldn't get the attention of us girls. Why not? Because, apparently, we were too busy blogging. (Hmmmm? what does this dream mean?!)
Del turned the Chowhound picture and the dream into a charming illustration...


Click on the picture to enlarge.

Check out Del's blog. It's written mainly in French, but nearly always includes English translations. It's great way to brush up your Francais a little whilst enjoying her charmant visuals.
San Francisco Chowhound Picnic - Le Fin!


  • At 10/11/04 05:38, Blogger Estelle said…

    This is a really sweet illustration, I really like it, but it is not really really surprising :) You are right, Sam, Del is "une etoile" !


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