Thursday, November 04, 2004

San Francisco Chowhound Picnic 24

Picture of the Day # 24

Beef Noodle Soup

Chowhound Picnic Link

hoisin lamb

For the Beef Noodle Soup recipe, click on the picture

(Note: I am not 100% certain this recipe is a match with this photo, but I am pretty sure it is the appropriate pairing. It was such a sunny bright day it was difficult to photograph the shiny metallic cooking utensils.)
San Francisco Chowhound Picnic 24


  • At 5/11/04 17:38, Blogger Del4yo said…

    I just love the reflections in this picture, I'd like tio see it in a bigger size!

  • At 5/11/04 17:56, Blogger Sam said…

    i think i have a larger version
    I'll dig it out for you!
    looking forward to blogging your upcoming Choucroute party sonn...


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