Monday, November 08, 2004

How Much is your Food Blog Worth?

At the weekend I stumbled upon Blogshares , a fantasy stock market for weblogs where players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by inbound links. It amused me to find out my blog, Becks & Posh is valued at a fictional $7,099.41. Someone even bought some shares in my blog! Needless to say, I am just small fry compared to some of you food bloggers out there.
Here are some other popular food and wine blog sites with their fantasy values taken at the time of writing:
Chocolate and Zucchini $81,479.57
Obsession with Food $53,013.98
Vinography $39,386.03
A Full Belly $22,210.91
Chez Pim $28,974.12
Cooking with Amy $21,158.57
How Much is your Food Blog Worth?


  • At 9/11/04 20:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow. Who would have guessed. I'm valued at nearly 40 times earnings ($3 a day in advertising making a whopping $900 a year) which is waaaay too much for a company on the stock market, let alone a blog with no real product. Still, sort of a nice ego boost. Maybe we can all get together and form one of those Japanese-style keiretsu conglomerates and then cash out and go on a fake vacation on our fake money !!


  • At 10/11/04 09:41, Blogger Sam said…

    fantastic idea, and as my blog is worth hardly anything, it should cost me next to nothing!
    Alder, do you have to have a specific number of vsistors, or number of people who actually click on the Ads to earn $3 a day?
    I dont think I can do it because I am on a visa and only allowed to work for the company i work for whilst in the US. I don't think I am allowed to earn monies any other way.

  • At 10/11/04 23:15, Blogger Derrick said…

    Hm. Funny. The last time I looked at blogshares (years ago), OWF was worth, I think, the minimum amount something _could_ be worth.

    So if Alberto and Lenn bought shares way back when (when they knew that I'd be hosting a blog community event), would that qualify as insider trading? What if I had bought them?

  • At 10/11/04 23:30, Blogger Sam said…

    I think you think too much. Just take the money and run! :)


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