Sunday, October 24, 2004

San Francisco Chowhound Picnic

Picture of the Day # 13

Chowhound Picnic Link

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San Francisco Chowhound Picnic


  • At 25/10/04 21:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what is that dish, recipes?

  • At 26/10/04 07:43, Blogger Sam said…

    I believe it is a Fritatta. I was the food photographer for the picnic and I have been publishing a photo of the day for people to see. But unfortunately the dishes at the picnic had no descriptive labels, because they are judged. There was a picnic thread on one of the chowhound boards where a lot of people, but by no means everyone, sent in their recipes. I was able to match a lot of pictures up to their recipes by reading that thread but some of them illuded me. You can read the chowhound picnic recipe thread here. And when the 2004 SF chowhound picnic report has been complete it will be it will be available for reading here
    As soon as or if I find oout any info about the uncredit pics I have been publishing, I will repost on Becks & Posh.


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