Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wholefood's Samosas et al

Monday May 17th 2004

Wholefoods is the most expensive food shop in the area (apart, maybe from Andronicas). People round here refer to it jokingly as "WholePayCheck". I went there last night to buy practically nothing and left the store $87 lighter. Wholefoods has a section where you can buy ready-cooked foods to eat in the cafe or take home. Because of the hoards of customers buzzing around them, it is always difficult to get to the coveted vegetable samosas. These warm, crisp, spicy, curried parcels of delight are the most popular item in the store. I took a boxful home for F, who is particularly fond of them. I served them with the antithesis in salad. Insalata Tricolore, in the colours of the Italian flag: fresh organic tomatoes (which are beginning to taste alright, at last, now summer is arriving), fresh mozzarella cheese and avocado dressed with fresh basil. olive oil, sherry vinegar and seasoning. Very fresh, healthy and delicious served with a little Levain bread.
Wholefood's Samosas et al


  • At 18/5/04 11:14, Blogger Gibby said…

    Here is a
    great article on Whole Foods -- how it operates. Their salary structure is noble, but misleading (doesn't take into account stock options).


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