Friday, May 14, 2004

Friday Pancake Party with Chopper, live

the show i am working on is very short, hence our wonderful production team's eagerness to get in as many parties as possible before the whole thing is over. This one was livened up by the appearance of MDC's band playing a little set on the outside terrace of Trailer Nine. The setting sun hotted up for their performance as the pancake guys hotted up their skillets to make crepes. I declined, having already eaten a biscotti not much earlier. Actually, the truth be known, last time the pancake guys came to work I tried one of their savoury cheese and guacamole crepes which was one of the single most repulsive things I have ever put into my mouth. I had to spit it out and dump the whole thing in a trash can far away from my desk so I wouldn't have to suffer the scent of it fuming from its rejection as I worked.
If you are going to splurge on a fattening crepe, then visit 'Ti Couz' (on Valencia at 16th in the Mission in SF). Their savoury crepes, especially the mushroom, cheese and almond, or the complete (french jambon, gruyere and fried egg) are the inspiration of dreams. Nothing like those nightmare crepes at work.
Otherwise try the excellent new Crepuscule I reviewed here

  • Visit Ti Couz

  • Visit Crepuscule
  • Friday Pancake Party with Chopper, live


    • At 17/5/04 02:06, Blogger Gibby said…

      Ti Couz is great.

      I've also been told by many people that Crepes-a-go-go on Union is wonderful.

      I've eaten at Crepevine, and their food pales in comparison to Ti Couz.

      BTW -- Chopper has some nice melodies, and should dominate Lucaspallooza.

    • At 17/5/04 02:06, Blogger Gibby said…

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